Friday, October 21, 2011

I Heart Fake Food - Felt Grape Tutorial

Supplies needed:Purple felt (varying shades)
Fiber fill
Needle and thread
Green pipe cleaner

Cut approximately 33 circles, with a 2 inch diameter.

To create your grape, do a running stitch along the edge of the circle.

Continue around the entire circle.

Stuff with fiberfill.

Pull your thread tightly, closing the circle.

With your needle and thread, continue to closed any opening that may still remain.

One grape done...

32 more to go.

When the grapes are ready, you can start your bunch. There may be easier ways to do this but I stitched them together. I started with one at the bottom and begin to layer up.

Stitch them together as tightly as you can.

Stitch each new grape to the one beneath it and then the one next to it.

Offset the placement of each new layer, I had 6 total with 2 extra grape at the very top. By offsetting the layers, it should start to take on a cone shape.

The center will be hallow.

Continue layering, securely attaching your grapes as you go.

Don't worry about any holes between grapes.

This can be corrected by stuffing felt into the body of the grape.

Then you can fill with a little fiberfill to help maintain the shape.

Before you finish the top row, twist 2 green pipe cleaners together. This will act as the stem, so give it some character, twist or curl it to give it some dimension.

Insert it into the top of the grape. Make sure to stuff the bottom of the stem deep enough to secure it when you finish the top of the grape.

Cover the top of the fiberfill with some scrap felt.

Pull your top layer closed, pulling this layer inward towards the stem. I had to add 2 final grapes right next to the stem to full close off the top of the bunch.

Here's hoping you like these grapes a bunch.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, try at home...
    My local business special food, of course this is a real food... :)
    pempek vico special food of Palembang South Sumatra.

    Thank You.

  2. I really love the grapes, they're completely adorable!


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