Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards.  Each year I look forward to checking the mail to see what Christmas cards are waiting to be opened.  I love seeing pictures of friends and family and reading the occasional newsletter describing the events of the past year. 

My favorite cards, though, are the ones that make me smile. 

I want my card to be one of those that make you smile.

Each year, I try and come up with an unexpected way to bring a smile to friends and families' faces.

This year my inspiration came from a North Pole or Bust picture by Cindy Emerson Photography I saw on Pinterest.

Finding an inspirational theme or idea is easy enough but putting your own spin on it can be a bit more challenging. 

We like to include Riley, our mischievous but adorable dog in our Christmas card.  Years past, when Riley has been omitted from the picture, friends and family expressed their disappointed SO in attempts to not disappoint, Riley is generally included...whether she likes it or not.

In order to cohesively include Riley in the picture, with fever induced clarity, I decided she should be wearing antlers and tote a sign that said, 'will work for food'. 

I'd like to think Grace and Riley would both make it to the North Pole.  Grace would see Santa's workshop while Riley would take the place of a weary reindeer and help fly Santa's sleigh.

No matter how much we begged and bribed Riley did her best to avoid making eye contact with the camera, pouting angrily over being made to sit on the railway stones.

Once she finally did cooperate, we had what I think turned out to be the perfect picture.  Happy little girl, serious stoic and serious little dog.

Of course, had that not worked out, it's always good to have a back up plan.

Fortunately, it worked out.  I can always save this picture for next year.

SO...from my family to yours, have the happiest of holidays. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2015.

If you liked our 2014 Christmas card, make sure to check out our 2013 Christmas card and Our Christmas cards of the past.

*No Puggles were harmed during (or after) this photo shoot. All models were fully compensated :).  And, we don't endorse hitchhiking, even if it is to the North Pole.


  1. Those pictures are adorable! I love your Christmas cards. I'm totally doing it next year!! (Did I say that last year?!)

  2. LOVE IT!!
    This is so cute.
    I went back to look at your others to show my boys all of your cards. They just love Riley. :-)
    Great idea.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Oh my word!!!!!! This could be a magazine ad. So creative and had I received one I definitely would've smiled!

  4. Giggling. I love your disclaimer at the end. Noted. You do not endorse hitch hiking. haha! I like the outtakes.

  5. Your cards always make me smile and this one is just grand! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. Adorable as every year Amy! I love your cards:) Merry Christmas!

  7. Good to see the blog up and running! I love this card! Your little lady is just beautiful! And Riley is my favorite!

  8. Fabulous, Amy! Anyone would smile to receive that card!

  9. What a cute idea and great photo in the end!!!! We haven't included dogs since 2 years ago, and their photos were taken separately!!! This reminds me to include them next year. Poor dogs!!!!

  10. Your cards are always adorable I actually really look forward to these posts. Mr WWH is a good sport being a plan B :)

  11. this is some SERIOUS cuteness!!

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