Friday, September 9, 2011

I heart fake food - felt carrot tutorial


Supplies: orange and green felt, fiberfill, orange and brown DMC thread (I used 721-orange and 838-brown), some sewing required. Carrot pattern, which can be found below or downloaded here.

Begin cutting out your carrot. Cut the body from orange felt (1 section) and the leaves out of green felt (5 leaves in total).

Fold the carrot in half {pinning is optional}.

Sew from the top corner of the carrot to the bottom point of the carrot.

This is what it should look like.

Turn your carrot right side out. You can use a pin to pull the tip out.

Begin to stuff your carrot with fiberfill. Start with a small amount, when filling the tip. Don't worry about generously filling the bottom of the carrot. Fill what you can, adding more as you work your way to the top of the carrot.

Grab the 5 leaves you cut. They can be arranged any way you want. I typically arrange the taller leaves in the middle and the shorter wider leaves on the outside. {Optional Step: you can sew along the bottom of the leaves, in order to keep them together}.

Make an indentation into the fiberfill, at the top of your carrot, and stuff the bottom of the leaves into the fiberfill.

Begin to sew the top of your carrot shut. Sewing the leaves into the closing of the carrot as well. Use a running stitch (like you did for the strawberry tutorial) pulling the thread taunt as you go to gather the felt into folds.

When you have stitched around the entire top of the carrot, pull the thread tight so that the top of the carrot closes up. You may need to add a few more additional stitches to make sure the top is securely closed.

If you haven't already noticed, from past "I heart fake food" tutorials, I love a perky leaf. These leaves looked a little wilted so about an 1/8 of an inch up from where the leaves go into the carrot, tightly stitch the leaves together.

Now to add a little detail to the body of your carrot. Using your brown thread, one strand, thickly knot the bottom of your thread. Pull your needle through the bottom tip of the carrot, have your needle emerge about an inch up from the bottom of the carrot.

This will leave your knot exposed at the very tip of your carrot.

This will also allow you to start to embroider straight lines across the body of your carrot.

There is no rhyme or reason concerning placement of lines.

When you are satisfied with the added embellishment, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Not the usual carat you might stop and admire but hopefully these felt carrots will still dazzle you.

Make sure to check out my other felt food tutorials as well.

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  1. Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial!!! The result is genial, easy, and quite real!!!

  2. This tutorial is wonderful! Thank you!

  3. The link to download the pattern says private :(

  4. What a great way to include the kiddos and make something fun. I love the idea of fruits and vegetables to inspire healthy eating.

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