Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Goodie Bags: Write a Letter To Santa Kit

Guess who is in charge of the goodie bags for the preschool Christmas party?

That's right, this mom.

Trying to be clever and avoid using the expected candy cane filler, I decided to put together a 'write a letter to Santa kit' for the Christmas party goodie bags.

 So, I headed to the dollar store and Michaels to pick up some supplies. 

At the dollar store, I bought pencils, erasers, a snowflake-I'd like to think that the letters can be sent via snowflake to the North Pole (a stretch I know but I needed to fill the bags frugally and for a dollar a pack, those snowflakes will work).

At Michaels, I bought a package of decorative paper for $2.50 and some bubbles for $3 (mostly because they came in a pack of 18 and that's how many goodie bags I needed to fill).

For each goodie bag, I rolled up 2 sheets of paper and tied a tag that said: 'WRITE A LETTER TO SANTA KIT' so the parents knew what the goodie bags were for.

And, since I was already in an ornament making sweat shop, I decided to make monogrammed ornaments  for each of Grace's classmates all18 of them!

With a budge of almost nothing, I had to make name tags as well.  I thought these paint chip ornament tags were perfect.

18 goodie bags for .77 cents a piece, $14 total.

Now I'm off to go and deliver them...on a snowflake :)


  1. Very clever! Parents will love that you don't have them on a sugar rush. 18 ornaments, wow you have been busy! If my kids want to know why Santa didn't get them something I'm going to tell them that the snowflakes melted in the heat. ;)

  2. I love this idea, Amy. That is such an inexpensive way to put a smile on their face. I hope they let you out of the ornament sweat shop in time for Christmas. I know Grace's classmates will absolutely love these.

  3. Oh you are a great room mother!! So awesome of you to do the monogrammed ornaments and the letter idea in lieu of candy.....genius! And I am such a sucker for bubbles! Something tells me you aren't going to need that heart-spewing volcano after all!!

  4. Ho wow, you are one brave woman! 18 ornaments!!! Your goodie bags are lovely. Of course, you know that you will have to do them every year from now on...

  5. Brilliant idea Amy!! Very original and I'm sure the kids and the parents are going to love them! Props goes to you for all the ornaments you have made.... ornament sweatshop indeed;) I think I foresee that you will be the official goody bag mom because you just can't be beat!

  6. These are ah-ma-zing! You are the best room mom ever. :)

  7. What a great idea! You did a wonderful job on such a small budget. I love that personalized each one with their own monogrammed ornament. You are a fabulous room mom! And those kids are so lucky to have you!

  8. Amy...there are no words, except to say brilliant! You are a parent's dream...

    1. Thank you so much, Paula. What a sweet thing to say. I just feel blessed that I can do things like be a room mom.

  9. they're smart to have chosen you in making those goodie bags Amy :) they probably know you have this blog and how much talent you have! those goodies are so special, very cute! i bet the kids will love it!


  10. omgosh! girl u've blown me away again! i'm totally talking to you first next party. i spent way more than that and it's no where near as cute!!

  11. Man have I missed you talented idea's !!!!!! Those are just AWESOME!!!!

    I love it.... In my next life I want you to be my mom! :)

    Happy Holidays,

  12. So clever! I can't wait for the chance to be "that mom" for my kid's class activities.

  13. You. YOU! Perfection! So cute too!

  14. These are fantastic and they are blessed to have you! Love how you used the paint chips AND took the time to monogram. :-)

  15. I love a girl who can stretch a dollar! These are so cute and you rocked the goodie bags this year. I'm thinking the school is going to ask you to do them again next year because they are the best and most creative they have ever had;) Not to can anyone top this!?! Enjoy your weekend!

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