Thursday, August 7, 2014

'Bear' With Me

Bear with me...

This momma bear is trying to enjoy the last 14 days of summer before sending her baby bear to school (ALL day!).

Enjoy what's left of your summer!


  1. Watching mine walk off to the school in the morning has been heart wrenching this week. Good for you for enjoying every minute!

    1. Thanks Amy! I was hoping this back to school thing would get easier the more it happened.

  2. What a cute sandwich and can't believe she's going to school full day in the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What will you do all day ;)?

  3. Here schools started yesterday! Last year they started August 1st. yikes!

  4. Oh what a cute breakfast, enjoy your last two weeks of vacation together.

  5. I cannot wait to make that sandwich for Jacob, who loves all of those ingredients. Enjoy and then come back!

  6. A bunch of cuteness!

  7. Have a good time with that sweet girl. :-)
    See you soon!
    My prayers are with you that first day and week. I know how it feels.

  8. That's too cute. :) I have a rotten case of bronchitis/sinusitis. I feel bad that I am ruining the last bit of summer by being sick. Luckily the husband has been really great.


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