Friday, April 27, 2012

A girl walks into a dentist office...

When I get nervous, I try to interject some levity into the situation, mainly to make myself feel better. This was definitely the case when I finally made an appointment to see the dentist. I am embarrassed to admit how long it was since I last went to the dentist. Think of a shocking amount of time to neglect your teeth and triple it and you are probably close.

I am not so sure, dental paperwork is the appropriate outlet for my sense of humor to make an appearance. I filled out all the typical fill in the blanks, with ease. In the general information section, after name, the question was posed, what do you prefer to be called. I wanted to respond, 'Amy. Miss Jackson if you're nasty'.

I am not even sure why that Janet Jackson song popped into my head. The places your mind will wander when filled with mortal dread.

I also thought the request for my car phone number was an interesting one.  I looked around, nervous that I had somehow traveled back in time to the 1980s.

I spotted a mirror in the distance and realized, it couldn't have been the 80s because my bangs weren't curled and teased 8 inches above my head.

Technically, this is the 90s but you still have to admire those bangs
and my American pride.

I also had a moment where I wanted to turn back and run. I contemplated calling my father in law, who is a veterinarian. I've heard countless stories of how he puts dogs under in order to clean their teeth.

In that moment, sitting in the dentist office, this sounded like a very good alternative.

Though, I am sure I would be considered a large breed dog and that's definitely not something I ever want on any medical record of mine.

 So, I bravely headed into the dentist office.


  1. I feel the exact same way about the dentist (and the eye doctor). I used be very adamant about the appointments even though I was nervous. But, the last time I went in after waiting far to long I had my first issue ever...a root canal. UGH!


  2. You are too funny! Every time I go to the dentist I will now picture that dog with the toothbrush in his mouth. LOL.

  3. I have to admit, the only doctor my kids knew, growing up, was the dentist. I love the way my teeth feel right after a cleaning.
    My car has a phone number, but I havent been asked for it yet.

  4. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one. I have been putting off going for so long, it's beyond humiliating! We have dental insurance too, so I can't even blame that! Thanks for the push to go, if you can walk through your fear I can too! Lol! Thanks for another great, and fun post!

  5. hahahaha! I needed to read this post last week when I went to the dentist. He asked me if I was doing okay and I said, "I will be when I get out of here." LOL!


  6. LOL! Amy you crack me up!! Great post! For the past three years I've been good at sticking to the 6 month visits.. but I'm terrified at every visit! Since I LOVE candy, I'm always stressed out that my dentist will tell me I have a cavity (or cavities:P) Now every time I do go, I'll be thinking of you rather stressing over cavities..LOL!

  7. Wonderful! Just booked a dentists visit for July, seemed like far away enough... Will read your post again before going :-)

  8. I have a HUGE fear of the dentist too! But I don't want my kids to have this same fear so I've actually been on the hunt for a fun dentist office in Oakville that they will actually want to go to. As much as I want them to be like me :) I don't want them to have cavities. . .

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