Friday, March 14, 2014

Once Upon a Walk...

I decided to take my people (dog included) on a walk yesterday afternoon. 

It turned out to be much colder than I had expected but still we persisted in our walk. 

I spotted Eli...a boy Grace thinks is 'hilarious', who is in her class at school.  I convince Grace we should walk by his house and say 'hi'.  She tries playing coy, saying she doesn't want to, but she is easily convinced. 

When we near his house, a game of tag he's playing takes him into his back yard.  I insist Grace shout out 'Hi Eli'...which, she surprisingly agrees to do. 

We decide to continue our walk, in hopes of walking by another friend's house.  When across the street (from Eli's house), a beautiful Weimaraner spots Riley. 

For some reason, Riley elevates the crazy in other dogs.  The Weimaraner, spots Riley, becomes crazed, lurches forward sending a sweet little blonde girl tumbling into a snow bank and charges across the street to Riley. 
Not Actual Little Blonde Girl
I quickly grab the Weimaraner's leash and return it to the little girl, asking if she is OK.  The little girl is covered in snow and seems overwhelmed, to say the least. 

We decide, after our dog snafu, to turn and walk back to our house.  The crazed Weimaraner, again pulls at her mini sized owner, escaping yet again! 

This time, the elusive, crazed dog is much harder to catch.  The dog runs circles around me and Riley.  Riley, who is no longer acting crazy is now put off that another dog has trumped her crazy level.  Riley is barking, in a high pitched bark, anytime the Weimaraner comes close to her...causing the Weimaraner's crazy level to elevate even more. 

At this point, the little girl decides to go home to retrieve her mom.  I'm left to try and manage the crazy Weimaraner.  Neighbors have started to notice.  The neighbor of Eli's comes out, asking if the crazy Weimaraner on the loose is mine.   We both try and catch the dog, who is incredible fast and cagey.  A neighbor across the street comes out, claiming to be the backyard neighbor of the dog and attempts to catch the dog.  All of the kids from the game of tag, including Eli, and Grace are watching the melee.

The owner's dog pulls up, on the opposite side of the street, calling to her dog, who then runs into the street, requiring the neighbor to stop traffic for her dog. 

The crazed Weimaraner is at first lured to the car and then runs back toward me, Riley, the neighbors and all the kids, leaping over snow mounds, running in circles...running back into the street. 

Kids are shouting, I don't want to see a dog get killed a car nearly hits the crazed Weimaraner.  The owner, utterly frustrated, proclaims she doesn't care at this point if the dog does get hit by a car. 

Another neighbor comes over, with his dog, trying to entice the Weimaraner, failing in all attempts.

Finally, backyard neighbor, lunges at the crazed dog, retrieves the leash and leads crazed Weimaraner back to the car. 

We quickly walked home...completely frozen, hoping not to entice any more dogs as we proceeded home.

Riley, obviously, brings out the worst in dogs.


  1. I am laughing so hard. I want to be a neighbor watching/helping! I'm glad no dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post. And I love Riley's face.

  2. ha! somehow i think the weimaraner is the culprit and needs a bit of home training. and to think one little puppy caused such a ruckus in the neighborhood! i think i would have been one embarrassed dog owner. enjoy your weekend ... and no more doggie chases or escapades;)

  3. Oh my goodness...that is crazy. :) My dogs have done this too me before. My boxer got lose and literally went after a great dane. I was terrified because I was also holding onto my 140lb yellow lab who just wanted to play. It was nuts. I know the feeling of trying to hold onto crazy dogs. Glad the dog was able to get back home.

  4. LOL!!
    Great story! I love it.
    I love the photos of Riley. How old is she?

  5. haha! but I totally agree I don't think its riley!! I think its the other dogs. I can just picture riley the second go around having a look and air of indignation at all the silliness of the weinemier and the interruption of yalls walk!

  6. Love this story!! But I need to know... at what point did you whip out your camera and photograph the Weimaraner?

    And the caption about the little blonde girl? Priceless!

  7. Bhahaha oh you poor thing, but as much as I love the dog "tail", the fact that you're encouraging Grace to yell out to boys in the street...Awesome!! (Actually laughing out loud!)

  8. Oh my goodness! That was so much fun to read and your pictures are wonderful. I cannot believe the depth of blue in that dogs eyes! I hope you write more stories like this, Amy. I love a good early morning laugh!

  9. Snicker. What an adventure! Hopefully there was cocoa to be had once you got home.

  10. Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha... Oh Riley. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.


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