Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring/Easter Roundup

Spring is in the air.  Ok, not for most of us but it, hopefully, soon will be.

Time to dust off the Spring/Easter posts of the past before I can share my Spring/Easter posts of the present.

Easter Tutorials:

Easter Bunny Basket
Bunny Stencil
Felt Bunny Barrette
Custom Bunny Family
Felt Egg/Chick Finger Puppet
Carrot Boutonniere
Jelly Bean Jewelry
Bunny Tail

And, let's not forget, some bunny had a birthday party with lots of great bunny themed ideas.

Bunny Themed Party
Carrot Popcorn Holder
Bunny Goodie Bags
Stamped Napkins
Decorated Steps
Moss Letter Garland
Snack Cups
Bunny Party Details

And, one of my favorite, colorful posts from last year...

Here's hoping Spring will make an appearance soon.  Seeing green grass and brightly colored flowers always helps my inspiration.


  1. So many fun and cute Spring and Easter ideas. I loved Grace's birthday party and those embroidery hoop bunnies are one of my favorites.

  2. What a colorful-SPRINGY post this morning! And Grace's bday party was the best. Can't wait to go through all your past Spring-Easter post.

  3. Some of my favorite projects. I had forgotten about those berry boxes. They still make my heart go pitter-patter!

  4. they are all so sweet - but my most favorite I have to say is the bunny family. i was at target the other day and they had some easter stuff out and i needed to get cor a new easter bucket (yes a bucket our easter bunny sometimes forgets that its supposed to be a sprinkling of things, hehe) as his was from his cars days (about 2 yrs past his prime love of them) guess what this momma found? yep a fox - he absolutely luvs "what does the fox say?" I'm still salivating over the easter forestland nesting dolls that has a fox. i may go back and get it - u know my luv of them!

  5. Thank you for a bright splash of spring!!! I'm ready for green grass, flowers, and chirping birds. I won't even complain about allergies! Big hugs Amy!

  6. I have to make bunny bag number 2 for Max, Madeleine loved hers and I have had that barrette pinned for over 2 years might be time to make it :)

  7. Oh that little bunny tale is still the cutest thing I ever saw...or maybe it's the carrot boutonniere. The bunny party is one of my favorites too! You are just full of good ideas.

  8. The carrot boutonniere is how I first knew of your blog. I believe it was an exchange between you and Sam of 360 Thrive. Good memories :).

  9. I love your bunny family. So fun and the perfect thing to Easter up the walls. And, have faith. Spring is coming. As we were delivering Girl Scout cookies one house had about a million daffodils in full bloom!

  10. I always love your spring ideas... especially all the little bunny crafts!


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