Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Garden Hose Holder

Add some charm to your yard by making your own garden hose holder. 

I thought this idea was brilliant when I pinned it almost 2 years ago. 

Then, I continued to think this was a brilliant idea when we found a post and equestrian hook over a year ago. 

The problem, this brilliant idea, post and hook continued getting moved to the bottom of the to do list FOR OVER A YEAR. 

In the meantime, countless barnwood bunnies, whales, foxes were made.

And, things like this would show up in my trunk. 

We finally came to an understanding, it was time to mark this brilliant idea off of our to do list before we could take in or on any other projects. 

So...painting began.  A helpful tip, when painting something that is going outside, invest in a pint of good outdoor paint.  A little will go along way.

Once the post was dry, the hook was put in place.  Everything was starting to have a refine feel, except for the new screws that secured the hook.

The new screws took on a more polished look with a little Novacan Black Patina.

 Applying a little patina with a paint brush, the screws aged right before our eyes.


 The post was then sunk into the ground...

And, the hose was FINALLY put into place.

2 years later, it's done! 

I can't wait to add something new to the to do list. 


  1. Very classy & elegant solution. Our hose currently is flattening the bush in the entryway. Eh, it's a rental and not like anyone one else on our block cares ;). If I did this, I'd want a horse head on top of that post. I love those things!

  2. It's nice to know that our house isn't the only place where projects are put off for years. Well worth the wait, it's a gorgeous hose holder, much better than ours I think Jules needs to get on this.

  3. That is very pretty and oh so much better than a hose reel. I did not know those were called equestrian hooks. Nice job Amy!

  4. It looks great. I so need one of these in my yard. On the list it

  5. I definitely need one of these. The one I've got is less than awesome, flimsy and crap. This looks nice and sturdy and I love the style.

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  7. Love it Amy! Finally a pretty hose holder that makes the hose look cool. :D

  8. A great project there and so fancy! The one I had for my hose is not so fancy, it's not even painted! Makes me want to redo it! :)

  9. Just pinned this!! How did you secure the post in the ground? Just bury it deep?

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