Monday, June 30, 2014

Be Back Soon

We are off to the beach.

Hoping to make a few summer memories.

But...I'll be back soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Plant Stand Turned Farmers Market

A few weeks before Grace's garden themed birthday party, I spotted an abandoned plant stand on the side of the road.

As I skidded to a stop, I noticed a man {at the home where the abandoned plant stand lay neglected and lonely}.  Bolder than I normally would be, I asked him if he was really giving such a treasure away.

Not only did he nod his head in agreement BUT he then offered to load it into my car.

There, at home, it proudly sat.  It waited for the mister to come home and welcome it into our collection of useful things.  I waited for the mister to come home and praise my resourcefulness.

Both the plant stand and I were disappointed in the mister's reaction.  He actually said, um...I don't understand what you plan on doing with it.

IT!  He called this planters stand 'it'.

Is that what I said when he rescued this tree stump from a lake and needed to bring it home with us?

Is that what I say when I go to load groceries into the back of the car and I find these hidden beneath a blanket?

Does he not remember what happened when I came home with this $3.99 chair from Goodwill?

That plant stand was going to serve a higher purpose.

That plant stand was being invited to a little girl's garden party...

Instead of holding blossoming flowers, this plant stand was filled with garden fresh {felt} fruits and vegetables.

That plant stand transformed into a farmer's market.

A farmer's market ready for 14 little girls to use their imaginations and create memories with.

In the end, the mister realized that he was wrong.  That plant stand served a purpose, it made 14 little girls happy and 1 big girl happy {happy to be right again!}.

*All felt fruit and vegetable patterns can be found right here!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pin The Flower In Grace's Hair

Besides for plying children with cake and party favor bags, keeping them entertained is vital to maintain one's sanity as the hostess of a party.

I always like to incorporate some version of 'pin the tail on the donkey' into a party.  This year, for our garden themed party, I thought it was only fitting to pin a flower to something.

Since my sweet little Grace typically wears a flower barrette in her hair, pin the tail on the donkey became, pin the flower in Grace's hair. 

This also gave me an opportunity to turn a pin to a reality.  I finally had an opportunity to order a Staples engineering print {for $4!}.    

I adhered the extra large print to white foam board using tacking spray.

Once in place, I trimmed the excess foam board away using an X-Acto knife. 

Pin the flower in Grace's hair.  A fun party game...

 and, a sweet keepsake to keep post party.

Who needs a donkey, when you can create your own custom version of this fun classic.

If you liked this, you might also enjoy these other DIY Pin the Tail games:

And this Circus Themed Pin the Tail game.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Garden Party Favor Bags

According to Grace, there are 2 vital parts to any birthday party. 

The first is the cake.  The second is the party favor bag.  We take our sweets and treats seriously around here.

These garden party favor bags were made using plain brown paper bags.  I used 3 layers of tissue paper and some double sided tape for the fringed 'grass'.  And, a Hawaiian lei was sacrificed so I could hot glue a flower to the bag as well.

Each goodie bag was filled with a flower pot, a packet of wildflower seeds and a flower ring pop.  And, each guest went home with their own garden apron made out of vintage floral fabric.  

Though I liked how the garden party favor bags turned out, they seem more fitting for a Hawaiian Luau.

Luau or garden party favor bags, 14 little girls left happy...though, we technically didn't serve cake {shameful, right?}.

Garden Apron Party Favors

Garden aprons and 2 things you might not know about me.


First, in addition to being a thrift store shopper, we {the husband and I} are flea market groupies.  We go to 2 flea markets a month and have befriended several vendors. 

One vendor, I begrudgingly befriended, after I shunned him for a few months because he ignored my inquiry to buy his Richard Scary Puzzletown characters. 

I begrudgingly befriended him when I noticed his lovely collection of vintage fabrics.  He had yards and yards of fabrics priced to sell.  All the vintage loveliness below, approximately 30 yards of fabric for $12!

My husband, who either knows me too well, or not well enough, suggested that I should turn this vintage floral fabric into gardening aprons for each guest we invited to Grace's garden themed birthday party.

How many guests, did you ask, had we invited to Grace's garden themed party?  14.

Of course, after he made that suggestion, he quickly retracted his suggestion claiming there was no way I would be able to finish 14 aprons.

When challenged, I will do what it takes to prove you wrong.

As soon as we got home from the flea market, I started cutting, ironing and prepping the aprons.

Each apron included pleating detail.  I mean, I can't just make aprons to prove my competency to my darling husband.  This required wowing him. 

One day later, 14 pleated garden aprons were complete.


All 14 aprons were then nestled inside the flower punch box.

Once they were punched free, 14 little girls enjoyed our garden party in their vintage flower aprons.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flower Punch Box

What is a punch box you might be asking yourself.  Don't worry, I had no idea until I saw it being pinned and featured everywhere I turned.

The woman that made this latest trend go viral, Elena from 'a Casarella, has pinatas all over the world crying, 'don't forget about me'.

A punch box holds all sorts of prizes inside and the only way to get them out, punch through the holes.  How much fun is that?

One of the things I love so much about punch boxes, just like with pinatas, you can customize them to fit your party theme. 

For our garden themed party, we opted for a flower themed punch box.  Yellow tissue paper makes up the center of the flowers.  I cut out and glued 7 pink petals around the yellow tissue paper center.  And, at the last minute, added a few green leaves.

You know your punch box was a success if, when you are done, it looks like this.

Here's a walk down punch box memory lane from past parties.

You can read more about Grace's circus themed punch box here

And, Grace's bunny themed punch box here

'A Casarella has an amazing tutorial on how to make one.  There is no use to reinvent the wheel, so go and check her post out for all the details.  And, make one for your next party!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Flower Party Hats

Flower party hats.

The perfect accessory for any garden party.

If you are willing to invest a little time {and possibly third degree burns from your hot glue gun}, these party hats make a beautiful, bold statement.

I loosely followed the tutorial to make these flower hats from Oh Happy Day, which you can find here.   The changes I made were using 1. using store bought party hats, 2. using tissue paper instead of crepe paper and 3. I scaled the flowers down to a smaller size.

Tissue paper flower hats...

The perfect accessory for any garden party.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Birthday Stairs

For Grace's birthday parties, we used to decorate the front of our house with balloons.  Since weather rarely cooperates for our parties, alternating between extremely hot weather to torrential downpours, balloons typically do not fare well.

With a big front porch, instead of decorating with balloons, I now decorate the front of the steps with a birthday message typically working in the theme of the party.

This year, we threw Grace a flower/garden party.  After weeks of brainstorming, I decided on: 6 and sweet as can bee.  I thought it fit our garden theme and it also is so true of this little lady.

To decorate the stairs, I use my silhouette and some black vinyl.  The vinyl is easy to peel and stick and just as easy to remove.

The first time we decorated our stairs was for Grace's 3rd birthday, an art themed birthday party.  Definitely not original but the simple 'Happy Birthday Grace' message proved to be a good backdrop for pictures.

The next year, for Grace's 4th birthday, a big top circus themed party, I decided to get more creative with the stairs. 

Of course, not everyone read the stairs as 'step right up'...but you can read more about that in real life confessions of a wanna be party planner here

Last year, we threw Grace a bunny themed birthday party.  The themed stairs read:  Some bunny is 5.

The stairs have proven to be one of my favorite things to decorate.  Not only do they set the tone for the party but they also provide a great place to take pictures that conger up memories from each celebration. 
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