Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Me Time - Self Portraits

The self portrait theme for May is 'Me Time'.  'Me Time' meaning what you do simply for yourself.

While Wearing Heels

The obvious answer is blogging but if you read this blog, you must realize I spend some of my time writing posts (which generally happens when Grace goes to bed).

So, blogging aside, here is my 'me time'.

Everyday, I try to make time to run.  Though, if pressed, I do not consider myself a runner.  I generally run on the treadmill we have in our basement.  Once a week, though, while Grace is in tap class, I run on the track at the park district.  It was during one of these runs, someone said to me, I ran on my toes...apparently not a typically running stance.  I had never realized this before but I now can see that it is indeed true.

I had always been an avid reader, until Grace came along.  I still read but the kind of books I read changed from novels to board books.  This year, though, I found a renewed love for reading, thanks to Danavee from This Vintage Grove.  I've finished 7 books so far this year.

Seemingly insignificant, I try and make moments in my day for simple indulgences.  A recent indulgence I make time to sit and enjoy, noosa's strawberry rubarb flavored yoghurt.  In one word, delicious.

Although, like most meals, I often have these 2 faces peering at me...

hoping they can share a bite.

And, though most of my 'me time' is interrupted by this sweet soon to be five year old...

I'll happily make that sacrifice because I am quickly realizing how fast the time goes and how one day I'll miss these interruptions.

What do you consider your 'me time'?

The link party begins Friday May 31st, so you still have time to get in front of the camera and share your own 'me time'.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Party Link Party

It's time to PARTY!

I'd love an invitation to whatever creative party you've planned be it birthday, baby shower, anniversary or even craft night party...so link up and show off.

I look forward to being inspired. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Magical Birthdays (repost)

This repost has nothing to do with my creativity or party planning skills, this one is all Mr. While Wearing Heels :)

I may or may not had mentioned to my husband that my birthday, which was December 12th, needed to be magical.  It was a once in a lifetime kind of birthday, after all, 12-12-12.  I was partially joking AND I originally had no intention of doing a 'birthday' post BUT...

Magically {and blog worthy} is exactly what he delivered.

Throughout the day, I stumbled upon groupings, hidden around our house, that contained 12 items and a funny note.

12 gold coins.

12 Barbies.

12 pink paper clips.

12 pink lizards.

12 rubber ducks.

12 erasers.

12 ninjas.

And 12 tiaras with a note that read:  Your Prince shall come (at 12:12 today) to take you to the ball.

My prince did arrive at 12:12 to take me to the ball...aka Grace's winter ballet recital.

And, in every sense of the word, my birthday truly did feel magical.

And, this man, I am certain is happy that once in a lifetime birthdays truly do only come once in a lifetime. 

Though, 12-12-13 sounds kind of magical too.  Don't you agree?

*Don't forget to come back on Friday and share your favorite party posts! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Circus Themed Birthday Party (repost)

Last year, we celebrated Grace's 4th birthday in 'big top' style.  *Don't forget to come back Friday and link up your own party posts.
Without further ado...

Step right up.

And join us...

as we, welcome you to the circus.

AKA Grace's 4th birthday extravaganza.

The Big Top awaits.

Please feel free to clown around.

Or enjoy some cotton candy.

While hopped up on sugar, visit the tattoo station.  Don't worry, they are temporary, like your sugar rush.

Games more your speed? Join in a game of Bozo buckets, pin the fez hat on the elephant, walk across the 'tight rope' OR

visit the duck pond.

What will you win?  A goldfish, of course.

Then, join us center stage, as we sing happy birthday to the birthday girl...

And wish her well.

Help yourself to a piece of cake or a carousel cupcake.

Work off those cupcakes by testing your strength with the 1000 pound barbell.

Perhaps you are stronger than Sammy The Strongman.

Then, Madame G will read your fortunes.  I wonder what she predicts next year's birthday party theme will be?

What Madame G did predict, the pinata will soon be replaced by the super cool punch box.

Before you go, don't forget to sign the guest book with your fingerprint.

It's now official, the circus has left town.  Please make sure you take your shoes when you leave, or don't :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mental Pictures from a Circus Party (repost)

Before I share the 'official' re-post of Grace's 4th birthday party, you'll need a reminder of the 'mental pictures' I took of the party.

The circus party has come and gone. As I look at the pictures from our party, I am reminded of blogs you read, were you see posts filled with perfect pictures, clean homes, well behaved, perfectly posed children and you are left thinking 1. wow, she has it all together or 2. what aren't they telling me, what's behind those too good to be true pictures.

Looking at the pictures of my party, I am shocked at the story they tell. The story of the well executed party. The cute decorations. The people smiling and having a good time.

The mental pictures I have of the party tell another story. My mental pictures answer the 'what's behind those too good to be true pictures'.  They can be summed up like this:

{12} balloon animals untwisted and used as weapons to attack our guests.  I did NOT see that coming.  See {9}.

{11} presents being openned, all at once, cards thrown to the side, papers up in the air.  All while {4} and {9} were taking place.  Mom, nearing a meltdown minutes after this picture was taken, is left to determine who gave what later.

Photo taken before present opening chaos broke out.

{10} minutes to extract a splinter out of a little girl's foot.  I wonder how that could have happened...

{9} the 4 and 5 year old brothers {that adds up to 9}, who had the presence of 10 kids.  Neighbors {whom we don't know other than the courtesy wave across the fence}, who that morning we extended the 'hey, why don't you stop over later' invite, who were jumping off the arm of my sofa as if it were a rocket launch, while their father sat completely oblivious in our yard, trusting I was a competent babysitter and party hostess.

Yep...this sofa.

{8} pizzas ordered, none of which I had a chance to sit down and eat mainly because of {9}.

{7}, seventh, hottest day of the year.  I sweated through my $5 Goodwill dress I had scored in Febuary. 

{6} holes punched through the punch box before the party started.  Luckily my talented sister fixed all of them and no one was the wiser.

{5} hours before the party started, we found out the cotton candy machine we rented didn't work.  Yes we did have a cotton candy machine *which might explain {9} a bit better.

{4} kids having hurl yourself on the floor screaming tantrums as they were getting dragged out of the party {I happily would have left with any of those parents and let their kids stay in my place}.

I have mental pictures of the real deal, this is similar to how they looked {Grace age 2}.

{3} pairs of shoes left unclaimed at the end of the night.  That means, 3 kids left our party shoeless.

{2} people that asked what Up Right Step meant.  It's supposed to read:  Step Right Up.  I listened to the advice of my husband and arranged the words going up the stairs.  His logic was, you want them to step.right.up. 

{1} mom about to have a nervous breakdown, who will make a full recovery and  focus on the {1} birthday girl that smiled and laughed the entire day.

Actual pictures to come :)
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