Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fabric Flower Corsage

Fabric flower corsages.

A perfect Mother's Day accessory for you and your little lady.

To make one of your own, gather the following supplies:  Felt, ribbon or fold over elastic, scissors, sheer or silk fabric and a hot glue gun.

Out of matching colored felt, cut 2 circles roughly 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Continue cutting circles out of your sheer or silk fabric.  You know you have enough when carpal tunnel sets in.  Finally, cut fold over elastic enough to go around your wrist and overlap by about 1/2 an inch.  *If using ribbon, cut it long enough to go around your wrist, with excess enough to tie it closed.

Secure your fold over elastic closed with hot glue.  Glue one of the felt circles under where the elastic overlaps.  Glue the second felt circle over where the elastic overlaps, lining both felt circles up together.

Pinch the center of your sheer or silk fabric circle closed.  Dab some hot glue to the pinched closed center and glue it to your felt circle. Continue attaching the sheer fabric circles covering the felt circle until you reach the desired fullness.

Ta da!  A flower corsage that will never go bad or make your allergies act up.

Though fabric corsages don't smell as pretty as real flower corsages,

they are still guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face.


  1. So cute! Both the flower and the little lady :)

  2. Such a beautiful idea, Amy! It looks like Grace is loving it! :)

  3. Fun idea. I wish we did this more often in our day. I remember giving a real one to my mom long ago. :-)

    I am not sure if they even do it for prom anymore?

    Very fun and I love the little lady - great photo!

  4. Grace is so cute!! (And so are the corsages :)

  5. i bet this would make a cute pony tail holder too! enjoy your weekend pretty lady..x

  6. How cute Amy! I love that it's no-sew! Grace is adorable. I'm pinning this because although I don't need a corsage wristlet....I do have a plan for one those flowers! Thank you for the tutorial, I'm going to need it!

  7. So cute and totally do-able! These would also look adorable as a replacement for bows on gifts. They like like they're from Anthropologie. Boy you have been a busy crafter. I can hardly keep up with all of your fun posts!

  8. How beautiful to wear together for Mom's day brunch or something special :).

  9. HOW BEAUTIFUL! These are gorgeous and look simple to make for my nieces :) Pinning!


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