Friday, September 28, 2012

United Scraps of America - Grand Finale

The United Scraps of America quilt is FINALLY finished.

 If you are keeping track, I started the process of creating this quilt back in February, when I picked through my scraps of fabric {thank goodness, I am a fabric hoarder} and deliberated over which piece would go with which state.

Then, over the next month, I hand whip stitched EACH state into place.  And, in the process, I may or may not have developed carpal tunnel syndrome :)

For months after, I held onto my quilt.  I had put so much work into it, it was hard to hand it over for quilting.

Last month, I did just that. I finally put it in the capable hands of The Queen of Quilts, my mom.

And, in her very capable hands and her professional long arm quilting machine, she stipple quilted...

a tight and detailed free motion design...

around the entire United States...

into each detailed groove of each detailed state.

Then there was a matter of quilting the states themselves.

So, she outlined each state, changing the color of her thread to match the color of fabric for each state, just as I had done when I whip stitched them.

The precision of which she outlined each state is barely visible from the front of the quilt

but, when you turn the quilt over, you can appreciate the detail she was able to achieve.

Even though, I am fully aware of what the Queen of Quilts is capable of, there are still projects, like this one, when I look at it in complete awe of her talent. 

Since I have already started on a second United Scraps of America quilt, I have this one listed in my Etsy shop for sale along with some other homemade gifts like these.

I am very fortunate to have many special and meaningful quilts from the Queen of Quilts.  So parting with the United Scraps of America will be easier curled under this beautiful quilt.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

It's that time of month where I show off my Goodwill purchases and you contemplate if an intervention is needed.

This month, I was drawn to more vintage pieces.  Or, perhaps, it was simply that there were more vintage pieces being sold.

Regardless, there was a stack of these, bright and cheery, vintage metal serving trays.  They were .99 cents a piece.  My mind said, you only need one {and by need, let's all admit, I didn't really need one at all} BUT my gut implored me to buy 2.  Since my gut's argument was a more passionate case, I bought 2.

Typically, I am not one to buy vintage Pyrex dishes.  I can appreciate there 'je ne sais quoi' {oh yes, this girl just used French, my high school French teacher would be so proud}.  So, I will usually leave the Pyrex dishes to those who truly appreciate them and possibly even collect them.  But...of course, there is a but...when I came across this Tiffany blue Pyrex dish, it spoke to me and for $3.99, I brought her home.

If you are wondering if I'll buy anything that is Tiffany blue, see my .99 cent purchase below.

Goodwill has almost an entire aisle designated for baskets.  I usually take a quick peek through them, you never know when  a nice basket might be of use when you are putting together a gift.

I found this child sized picnic basket for $1.99.  I thought it would be perfect to fill with some of my "I heart fake food" and give it as a birthday gift OR I am this basket might first be used in a prop for a possible Halloween costume for Grace.

I've come to realize, with all the beautiful tables I've seen, that a party isn't complete without one of these glass dispenser jars and, of course, some paper striped, when I found this brand new dispenser, with the Target donated tag, for $6.99, I decided to buy it...and start planning another party {handsome husband, if you are reading this, I'm joking...I am not planning any other parties...yet}.

I was happy to come across this brand new container of bead, which retails {according to the container} for $7.99 but was being sold by Goodwill for .99 cents.  Of course, as I am sucking up stray beads with the vacuum cleaner, this purchases has made me a little less happy.

And I found some cute clothes for Grace.  A $3.99 for the Baby Gap sweater and $2.99 for the Baby Gap shirt.

And a lovely cropped jacket for myself for $3.99.  As much as I can't resist anything in the shade of Tiffany blue, I also can't resist a cropped jacket.

No trip to Goodwill is complete without looking through the .49 cent stuffed animal bin.  My mom, the Queen of Quilts, is a collector of Boyd Bears.  Her collection is reaching intervention levels but for .49 cents, this lovely little bear couldn't be left behind.

I feel as if I have just come out of an AA meeting and confessed my latest binge.  My name is Amy, and I have a Goodwill Shopping problem.

What good deals have you found this month?

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Put a pin in it - No Sew Striped Curtains

Admittedly, no sew striped curtain tutorials are nearly everywhere you look.

I first fell in love the notion of no sew striped curtains, thanks to The Yellow Cape Cod.  Then and there I pinned it and, shortly after, I made another pin a reality.

I couldn't wait to make my own no sew striped curtains BUT I had relatively new burgundy curtains and I couldn't justify investing a lot of money in replacing them.

So, I used what I had and transformed them instead. 

Fortunately, the burgundy curtains were lined with a white, I just turned them around.

Using my impressive work space, my floor, I laid my curtain down and tried to figure out how many stripes were needed, what size stripe worked best and how much space was required between each stripe.

With my stripes cut and uniform, I grabbed some Heat n Bond {ultra hold}. This is what allows you to create custom curtains without sewing.

I ironed a 1/4 of an inch hem to both sides of my stripes.  This folds over the raw cut edges, so when the stripes are ironed into place, the edges mimic what a sewn hem would look like..

On top of the folded over 1/4 inch hem, iron on the Heat n Bond {Heat n Bond will be applied to both the top and the bottom of each stripe}.

Once the Heat n Bond is ironed on, simply peel off the paper backing of the Heat n Bond.

Based on the measurements you determined for placement, flip the striped piece over and place onto the curtain.  The adhesive side of the stripe facing the curtain.

Run the hot iron over the top and bottom of each stripe.  The heat from the iron will fuse the adhesive left behind by the Heat n Bond on the stripes onto the curtain. 

Another pin has become a reality.  And, now, I can go spend a few hours on pinterest, a little less guilty, and convince myself that I am not just finding great ideas but trying them too :)

*If you noticed, I still have the bottom right stripe to finish.  I ran out of Heat n Bond.  In efforts to maintain full disclosure, I ran out of Heat n Bond months ago.  My curtains have been hanging nearly finished ever since.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Rain drops and Jean Jackets

I have a confession to make.

I am a jean jacket wearing kind of a girl. 

I've worn my jean jacket so much, there is now a hole in the elbow.

Yes, I could buy myself a new jean jacket but this one is aged to perfection :)

In efforts to allow me some more time with my jean jacket, I decided to patch the hole.

With a cloud.

And a few raindrops...

Because, after all, into everyone's life, a little rain must fall.

And, when it does fall, I want to be wrapped up in my jean jacket :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is in the air

The heat of the summer, one of the hottest ones on record in the Midwest, took it's toll on my beautiful flowers. In previous years my flowers lasted well into October but not this year.

With fall in the air and flower boxes waiting to be filled, I added what I had...gourds and pinecones.

I took a bag of gourds {thanks to my father in-law who grows them, I have an abundance of free gourds}, some black ribbon, thumbtacks and hair spray. 

Yes, you read that right.  Hair spray.

It's not just cosmetic, like it is for my hair, it's to keep the squirrels from eating them.  Although, maybe that's why the squirrels leave me alone too :)

The hair spray, at least for the time being is keeping the squirrels away AND...

as an added bonus, gives the gourds a nice sheen. 

 So, my flowers may have died an earlier death than normal this year BUT

thanks to my gourds...

 I've moved on because, after all, fall is in the air.

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Two Succulent Sisters

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vintage Flower Frog

I have become obsessed with vintage flower frogs, thanks to Danavee at The Vintage Grove.  I've been scouring flea markets hoping to find one of my own. 

I wanted one of the really old flower frogs with the sharp, pointy tines.  

Most flower frogs are round and I would have been quite content with a round one.  Of course, when I came across this unusual shaped pewter flower frog at a flea market, my obsession turned to contentment as I paid the $6 price tag and made it my own.

And, just like Danavee, I am using mine, in my kitchen, to display a recipe.  A recipe handwritten by my grandma.  I love having something handwritten by my grandma proudly displayed...inspiring me.

 It's the perfect addition to my kitchen.

Flower frogs.  They aren't just for flowers anymore :)

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