Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm in fabric corsage love

Last week's retail therapy, brought on by Grace's first day of preschool, resulted in the purchase of this strapless linen Theory dress for $4.99.    

It was nearly perfect but it was missing a belt {this isn't just my opinion, it had loops for a belt, just no belt}.

In attempts to think outside the box {or belt loop}, I pulled out a fabric corsage I had made back in January and some brown grosgrain ribbon...

 and I made my own belt.

 Not bad for a $5 dress and a homemade belt.

I hadn't really looked at this fabric corsage since I had made it back in January so it was like a renewed love affair was happening.  Barry White music was playing in my head.

This poor forgotten about fabric corsage was now getting some some love.

I pinned it to an elastic headband and tested it out in my hair, thinking, why oh why had I forgotten about you, little fabric corsage?

This is where my love affair turned to an obsession.

I remembered a vintage handbag I bought from Goodwill for $2.99 back in April.

I loved the simplicity of this bag, including the label.  What I didn't love, the scuff and the stain.  I guess that's to be expected and maybe the reason it was donated {no belt = donate, scuff and stained = donate...both of which obviously equals, I must buy}.

So, I made myself another flower corsage and glued it over the marks.

Since my fabric corsage is on the verge of considering me a stalker, perhaps my handsome husband will romance me with a date night, where I can wear my no longer beltless dress or use my no longer stained vintage purse.

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  1. Will there be Barry White playing on said date? :)

  2. Hi Amy, I love that the flower corsage saved that bag and that dress looks divine on you. Thanks for stopping by my wee blog. Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

  3. Fabric flowers always seem to be the perfect touch to anything! Love it on the the hair.. and the purse! Fabulous all around!!

  4. You are a floral genius! I hope your husband reads your blog :)

  5. I think you have a perfect plan ... you can lure him in with the word "strapless" ...



    P.S. My strapless days are long gone ...

  6. Love that dress and belt! It looks great on the purse too. I think a date night is definitely in order. :) Megan

  7. Love it in your hair, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Actually the whole shebang looks gorgeous. Beautiful lady.

  8. Ooooh, I love it in your hair! Very cute! BTW, you cracked me up with your stalker remark - lol

  9. Looks wonderful in your hair. Beautiful.....I am your newest follower.

  10. Lovely fabric corsage Amy! You can make me one if you get bored and have nothing to do! LOL!

  11. You are GOOD! I hope you are out on the town as we speak! That dress is adorable.

    Thanks for stopping over and sharing my remorse over the barber chair. I doubt I'll get another chance at one because believe it or not, this is the second one I've seen already. I know! Go figure. So after letting two lie, I suppose I don't really deserve ANOTHER chance. Sigh. I think that's all I'll see of those for a while. Although, one never knows, does one.

  12. Looking gorgeous & thriftily saving the planet at the same time definitely deserves date night!!

  13. That corsage is adorable! Girl - I'll take that kind of retail therapy, any day! My hubby usually needs actual therapy when I go shopping... What a steal for an adorable dress!!!

    Stringtown Home

  14. What man could say no to that!


  15. Gorgeous! I especially like it in your hair. But the dress also looks great!
    hugs dear Amy

  16. Not bad at all! Just might have to join in on your obsession!


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