Monday, September 24, 2012

Rain drops and Jean Jackets

I have a confession to make.

I am a jean jacket wearing kind of a girl. 

I've worn my jean jacket so much, there is now a hole in the elbow.

Yes, I could buy myself a new jean jacket but this one is aged to perfection :)

In efforts to allow me some more time with my jean jacket, I decided to patch the hole.

With a cloud.

And a few raindrops...

Because, after all, into everyone's life, a little rain must fall.

And, when it does fall, I want to be wrapped up in my jean jacket :)


  1. Very cute! I feel the same way about my Jean jacket.

  2. What a cute way to get some more miles out of your great jacket! It is aged to perfection! It has that great look that only age can produce - I'd have patched that hole too!

  3. Cute post! Love your writing style Amy... always puts a smile on my face:) The cloud with raindrops is an adorable idea... loving it! I used to be a jean jacket wearing gal too.. but haven't worn one for some time now. Seeing them popping up everywhere makes me want to become one again;)

  4. I love this. You are the goddess of felt. Are the raindrops painted on or are they little felt pieces?

  5. how sweet! i love how it has its own little story instead of just being a patch.

  6. Nice! Jeans jackets can be really stiff, so that's great you just patched your up...making it fun.

  7. Oh it's adorable :) I love my jeans that are perfectly worn in. They fit the best. Great post :)

  8. Okay, so your family is adorable, and the cloud on your jacket is too fun! :)

  9. You make me smile! Clouds and raindrops and all ...



  10. I once donated a perfectly good jean jacket because I thought I had too many. This one was red & I did not have much use for it at the time. Now I am in the UK, I could really use a red jean jacket.
    Darn I miss that jacket!!! :/
    Love the cloud.

  11. *too cute* and I'm so glad you held on to your jacket. Nothings beats a nice worn piece of denim.

  12. You rock a jean jacket Amy!! Love the raindrops! Girl - you have serious cleverly skills :)

  13. Super cute, but the family photo is my fave!


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