Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

It's that time of month where I show off my Goodwill purchases and you contemplate if an intervention is needed.

This month, I was drawn to more vintage pieces.  Or, perhaps, it was simply that there were more vintage pieces being sold.

Regardless, there was a stack of these, bright and cheery, vintage metal serving trays.  They were .99 cents a piece.  My mind said, you only need one {and by need, let's all admit, I didn't really need one at all} BUT my gut implored me to buy 2.  Since my gut's argument was a more passionate case, I bought 2.

Typically, I am not one to buy vintage Pyrex dishes.  I can appreciate there 'je ne sais quoi' {oh yes, this girl just used French, my high school French teacher would be so proud}.  So, I will usually leave the Pyrex dishes to those who truly appreciate them and possibly even collect them.  But...of course, there is a but...when I came across this Tiffany blue Pyrex dish, it spoke to me and for $3.99, I brought her home.

If you are wondering if I'll buy anything that is Tiffany blue, see my .99 cent purchase below.

Goodwill has almost an entire aisle designated for baskets.  I usually take a quick peek through them, you never know when  a nice basket might be of use when you are putting together a gift.

I found this child sized picnic basket for $1.99.  I thought it would be perfect to fill with some of my "I heart fake food" and give it as a birthday gift OR I am this basket might first be used in a prop for a possible Halloween costume for Grace.

I've come to realize, with all the beautiful tables I've seen, that a party isn't complete without one of these glass dispenser jars and, of course, some paper striped, when I found this brand new dispenser, with the Target donated tag, for $6.99, I decided to buy it...and start planning another party {handsome husband, if you are reading this, I'm joking...I am not planning any other parties...yet}.

I was happy to come across this brand new container of bead, which retails {according to the container} for $7.99 but was being sold by Goodwill for .99 cents.  Of course, as I am sucking up stray beads with the vacuum cleaner, this purchases has made me a little less happy.

And I found some cute clothes for Grace.  A $3.99 for the Baby Gap sweater and $2.99 for the Baby Gap shirt.

And a lovely cropped jacket for myself for $3.99.  As much as I can't resist anything in the shade of Tiffany blue, I also can't resist a cropped jacket.

No trip to Goodwill is complete without looking through the .49 cent stuffed animal bin.  My mom, the Queen of Quilts, is a collector of Boyd Bears.  Her collection is reaching intervention levels but for .49 cents, this lovely little bear couldn't be left behind.

I feel as if I have just come out of an AA meeting and confessed my latest binge.  My name is Amy, and I have a Goodwill Shopping problem.

What good deals have you found this month?

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  1. What great finds, Amy! I really love that basket. It's just perfect for felt foods. :) That drink dispenser was definitely a deal. I so don't think you need an intervention. You are finding great items. That reminds me maybe I should go there during lunch today.

  2. I love Goodwill! I can always find something "I need" :) Great useful finds

  3. i love those baby gap sweaters and baby gap shirt that you bought for your you make me think of stopping by at Goodwill after work, you're such a bad influence, jk lol! and i also like those glass dispenser jars :)


  4. The shiny, happy, colorful trays are a no brainer... I wouldn't have allowed to walk out without buying at least one... great buy!! I had found small vintage trays similar to that sometime earlier this year and bought six of them... I use them as wall decor in my kitchen and I love em:D I'm with you on the Tiffany blue, but what's that thing in the picture below the bowl? Are those swimming goggles? LOL. Love both ideas for the basket... another great purchase! Amy, you just rock at thrift shopping.. always great buys:D

  5. That Tiffany blue Pyrex bowl is TO DIE FOR! Love it! I *think* it may be a 'hostess' bowl and I have never seen one in this color, only yellow and red. Pyrex lovers everywhere are swooning over this find :)

  6. I'm definitely more of an enabler than an interventionist. I had a similar experience with vintage metal serving trays. I found a stack for 25 cents apiece. Unlike you, I have no willpower and bought them all. Recently, I saw a set of two of the exact same trays being sold at a One King's Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale for $99!! ("Down from $200" AND they were in someone else's cart!!) Come to think of it, I really need to list those in my etsy shop... I'm curious to know--do yours have any markings on them?

    Also, that little jacket is to die for and the picnic basket is perfect for felt food--or perhaps a Dorothy costume. (I bet you could sew a great one ;)

  7. yes possibly in intervention is needed (for myself there is no question i definitely need one)- but am i going to rat you out? heck no girl i'll hide your bags for you ;D the pyrex is amazing - i luv that blue, i collect the same blue color but with the Amish/Prarie looking people on it. and ur trays well everything NEEDS a partner besides you could use them as back splashes, i'm looking for a stash of them at that price for that exact project. my goodies were mainly clothes for future foster kids and buckaroo. great scores!

  8. Why can I never find anything interesting when I go to thrift stores?! Maybe cuz I don't go often enough? haha! I LOVE the picnic basket, I forbid you to give it away, unless it's to me (just kidding! I wouldn't really know what more to do with it...) ;P

  9. OHHHHHHH PYRRREEEXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm drooling. And the trays too. OHHH! Fun stuff. And the BASKET! CUTE!

  10. AM I mistaken or are those blue goggles - you know my love of protective eye wear! Nice finds cropped jacket is gorgeous!

  11. What a collection of great finds!! :)

  12. Hi Amy, great finds. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  13. You scored quite the haul there! Love the cute little picnic basket:)

  14. You are now the proud owner of my cookie jar. Or, currently my homemade laundry soap container. It's multi purpose, but I can't say you need an intervention because admitting there is a problem is the first step and I'd have to admit I have a problem if I recognized yours as a problem.


  15. Great finds! I did get quite a few things at goodwill this week! Hubby and I went out for a quick date and hit up goodwill. I think he was wishing he hadn't stopped there! I bought 2 HUGE pictures - will be blogging about them soon! Got some clothes for the kids. A Hanna Andersson dress and an American Girl skirt for my niece - $2.29 each! I was so thrilled! also got a couple glass water carafes. hubby got a couple shirts - I didn't even have time to look at clothes for myself !! LOL!!

  16. love the pyrex. i can never find any such a bummer!


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