Friday, September 23, 2011

I heart fake food - Felt Banana Tutorial

Yellow and Brown felt
Brown thread and needle
Fabric glue
Sewing machine and some embroidery
Optional: Sticker from a real banana

Using the pattern found below or which can be downloaded here.

Begin to cut out your banana.

Arrange the 2 identical curved pieces together.

1/4 of an inch down from the top on the side that curves out, start sewing and continue to the very bottom of that same side.

When you have finished sewing this section, it should look like this.

Line up the third {unique) piece of banana, between the open section of the two sides you just sewed together.

Start by sewing one side of the third piece to one side of the curved pieces. Again, starting 1/4 of an inch down from the top.

Finish by sewing the last remaining side together {closing your banana}. When you all sides have been sewn together, check to see if the the bottom of the banana was securely closed. Mine is not.

If you have the same problem, simply go back and sew across the bottom of all three sections.

Carefully turn your banana right side out.

Generously stuff with fiberfill.

See these raw open edges on the top.

Tuck them into the banana.

Now for the stem. Grab the brown rectangle shaped piece of felt and fold it in half.

Tightly roll the felt up.

Secure the bottom of the rolled up stem with a stitch to maintain the shape.

Grab your banana.

Insert the rolled up stem into the top of the banana. Using your brown thread, secure the stem into the top of the banana.

I like to add an embroidered stitch down the seam of the banana to give it a little bit of dimension. Using the same brown thread, begin to embroider, following the seam line.

Continue down all three sides, covering all three seam lines.

To finish the bottom of your banana,

attach the brown circle of felt with a dab of fabric glue.

Optional: check out your real bananas, steal a sticker off one of them and attach it to your felt banana.

I think Rachel Zoe summarizes this tutorial the best...

Make sure to check out my other felt food tutorials as well.


  1. I LOVEEEEE all of your felt food tutorials!!! I bought so many of the Melissa and Doug food for my daughter for Christmas - but I think there is always room for more food for her kitchen:) Thank you!!!

  2. Haha- love the Rachel Zoe This makes me wish I could sew sooooo bad! Cutest bananas in the world!Love the sticker too;)

  3. All of your food tutorials are excelent! Keep up the good work!

  4. This is amazing. Thanks for the great tutorial. Love how you added those brown lines. Looks SO real!

    1. You are so sweet. Thank you so much for the feedback. I like my fake foods to look real enough to eat :)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I wanted to give my son a play shop for christmas but fruits and vegetables in stores are WAY to expensive to fill up the shelves. With a little felt (well, actually a lot...) and your super tutorials I made him a whole bunch. I heart felt food too!

    1. What a lovely and unexpected comment to get. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you had success in making some fruits and veggies with my tutorials. I started making these for the same reason. Buying them is too much money. So glad to hear these tutorials are still being used. Thanks!

  6. I made the banana and added a face (Why did I need a banana with a face? Long story... *g*), and it turned out great! Thank you so much!

  7. its very good tutorials, I loved it.

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  9. Amy, hi!
    I loved your felt banana tutorial, and made several of them for our kids. In fact, I feel it deserves some additional attention from the net, so I linked to it (again) in my post on felt food:

    Have a great day, Damjana

  10. Thanks for your great pattern and tutorial! These are perfect for my 6yo Minion birthday party :D

  11. What is the size of the finished bananas?


  12. Nice tutorial, i will post a link to it on our charity site.


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