Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where do you weigh in on Kitchen Scales

Recently, I have become obsessed with vintage kitchen scales. They seem to be the item I always stop to admire while wondering around a flea market. I am not really interested in weighing my food so this isn't a practical obsession but rather a visual accessory.

Recently, my sister in-laws accompanied me to a local flea market. I shared my obsession with them. They encouraged me by pointing out every scale they found. A scale I saw, that they had overlooked, won me over. Without even having to haggle on the price, I was told I could have this scale for $7. Really, what did I have to lose.

My sister in-laws looked at me like I was a little crazy, especially since we had found several very nice vintage kitchen scales. Though some were nicer, they were also bigger and more expensive. I also had a vision for my $7 find.

Now if you are a purest, admiring vintage finds in their current state or someone that wants to restore them to their original condition, look away.

With my tool kit on hand, I began to take my scale apart.

Had my investment been greater than $7, I might have hesitated for I can usually figure out how to take things apart but sometimes have challenges putting them back together again.

With spray paint in hand, if you are cringing I warned you to look away, I sprayed the body of the scale and the arrow of the scale in black gloss. I left the plate of the scale untouched, with the exception of a good cleaning.

Typically, I do like to respect vintage finds BUT in the end I am glad I took a chance and gave my vintage find a more updated look.


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