Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another pillow

I'm moving forward in my pillow frenzy.

About a year ago, my mom went through her fabric stash and passed along a bundle of fat quarters from the Aviary collection by 3 Sisters for Moda. My favorite from the bundle had a collection of bird's eggs that had a vintage appeal.

Thankful that I hadn't found a use for it before now, I was determined to add it to my collection of pillows.

I piped the pillow with the same brown piping I used in my pillow and piping tutorial.

I loved the fabric but in pillow form, I thought it might be missing something. I figured, what does every egg need but a nest. So, I found some cream canvas and with a water solvable pen, wrote out the word 'Nest'.

Using dark brown thread, I embroidered over my hand written 'Nest'.

And then I attached the fabric, like a patch, onto the pillow.

No eggs were broken in the process.


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