Thursday, September 15, 2011

Martha Inspired

With my ReStore can of Martha Stewart's Primer and Sealer in hand.

I decided to paint our window seat window. I wish I had a better before picture but I was so anxious to start my project, I assumed in the thousands of pictures I have on my computer, I most certainly had one already. Nope.

So, here are a few pictures, from when we first moved in. Notice the bunnies, must have been Easter.

Here's another view {from Valentine's}.

The wood was in bad shape, as could be expected when you own a house that is almost 100 years old. Since we decided to paint the window, we were able to use chaulk to fill in the holes and gaps in the wood. We had hoped, by painting it white, it would blend with the bookcase, giving it a uniformed and cohesive look.

While I painted so did Grace. Don't worry, the room was well ventilated.

When the window was primed and painted, I sighed with relief because I think it opened our living room up, making it feel bigger, brighter and crisper. It also highlights the leaded window and the Moravian star light I just got for my anniversary which I love.

Did you notice the mail truck through the window? This was one of those good mail days, you know like when the new Martha Stewart Living has just been delivered. Happy day!

Apparently Grace feels the same way.

*No other wood was harmed in the process.

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