Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Queen of Quilts

The Queen of Quilts, my mom {a title I have given her}, has done it again.

Not too long ago, my friend's son,

was born. I asked my mom to make, what has become her trademark quilt, a 'name quilt' for him. Graciously, she agreed.

I found the cutest United States fabric, displaying every state and what that state is known for, from Hobby Lobby. This fabric is what inspired and drove the design for the rest of the quilt.

My friend, met and married her husband in Illinois. A few years later, they moved to Indiana where they started their family. Given the meaning these two states have for this family, it seemed fitting they be highlighted within the quilt.

The Queen of Quilts adds a personalized label to the backside of the every quilt she makes. The label she typically adds involves a picture of the parents {or family} along with the sweetest saying:

For this quilt, though, I wanted something different. Since the state fabric was the theme of the quilt, I wrote a saying, I thought summarized the quilt and embraced the sentiment their family has and will live by:

The wonderful thing about these quilts, even though she has made countless, each is unique, thoughtful and personalized. In attempts to personalize them even further, she's even been known to added birth information to a square.

Personally, I think they are the perfect addition to any nursery.

These quilts also make the cutest prop for newborn pictures.

Of all the countless 'name quilts' she has made, I do have a favorite...

You aren't surprised Grace has one, are you?

If you wanted to see more of 'The Queen of Quilts' and her collection, you can pop over to facebook and check them out.


  1. I absolutely adore both of the amazing quilts your mother has made for my boys! They are so unbelievably well made! What a treasure for them to both have one!!!!

  2. This was a fun post to stumble across! Love the quilts!


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