Monday, September 12, 2011

If the shoe fits, remember them.

Grace starts ballet this week. Seeing those tiny ballet shoes, brought back memories from when I took ballet as a little girl.

That's me...

As soon as I held her first pair of ballet shoes in my hands, I became overwhelmed with emotion. The warnings I have heard, countless times before, about how these childhood days should be cherished because before you know it, you'll look back and wonder where the time has gone, suddenly seemed so real to me. I can already fast forward and see myself reflecting back, thinking of Grace as a little ballerina.

I decided, if the shoe fits, remember them. Simple enough, right. Grace, in her pink leotard and ballet shoes, is definitely something I won't want to forget. It's a memory I want to preserve not only for myself but for her as well.

I found a couple of ideas, I know that I'll want to try of my little ballerina.

I love they way Smashed Peas and Carrots has captured her daughter's ballet shoes in the photograph below.

Such a simple photo but so full of meaning. {If you visit her site, she also has a great tutorial on how to make those leg warmers.}

My favorite idea comes from Martha Setwart. What a great idea to display not only your adorable ballerina but also her first pair of ballet shoes.

Last year, 'the shoe that fit' Grace was a sweet pair of pink Converse sneakers. Nearly every picture I took of her last summer, she was wearing those shoes.

Using Picnik, I converted a picture of these Converse, on Grace's chubby little feet, using their editing effect '1960s'. I printed it as a 5x7 and it's displayed on our bookcase.

Whatever the shoe, whatever the memory, whatever the moment you are in, cherish it and look back on it with...


  1. I love shoes. Specifically on my little girl. She has more pairs than I can count...but this summer she has decided to wear one pair. One dirty, ratty pair of sandals. But its all good!

  2. its very sweet .
    i love this shoes .
    i better for my baby .
    thanks for this great idea. . . .

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