Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not Your Ordinary School Pictures

I was driving by an old school, near our house, that is due for demolition. Having the knowledge that soon this building would be gone, I started to look at it in a new light.

Something about this school, in particular the garage doors, drew me in and compelled me to grab my camera and take some pictures.

23 really doesn't have any particular meaning to our family...

but 3 does {since Grace is currently 3}. With my growing knowledge of Photoshop Elements {the cheaper version of Photoshop, with a few less bells and whistles, but enough for my editing needs}, I was able to remove the 2.

The distressed garage doors resulted in an interesting background. The promise of a lollipop resulted in a willing model.

I even decided to step in front of the camera.

Sometimes an unexpected location may lend itself to some interesting pictures. You never know where your next memorable photo may be taken.

If you think that Grace's hat is adorable, head over to Aesthetic Nest for the free pattern to make one of your own.

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