Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

I have no doubts that I may be among the last to hear about Habitat for Humanity's Restore.

ReStores recycle used and surplus household and construction materials donated by individuals, contractors and wholesale stores at a steal of a deal. Some items are brand new, others gently used. Because they rely on donations, new items consistently rotate into their inventory. You never know what deals you might stumble across.

I wasted no time planning my first visit, when I realized what I potentially could be missing out on. Be warned, they have limited hours. So make sure to check the hours of operation before you head out.

Being an avid DIYer, from the second I walked in the door to the second I left I was at the same time kicking myself for not having found this store earlier and fascinated by the array of things they had for sale.

There were stacks of lumber ranging in price from between .10 and .30 cents per linear foot. Lumber is an expense that has no draw for me since it's not something, when your project is completed, that is seen. For such an unexciting purchase, it always seems to take up a majority of my budget. With that being said, to now know I have found a place to save money on lumber makes it a more tolerable expense.

In addition to lumber they also had a large variety of hardwood for $1 a linear foot.

I was impressed with not only the amount of doors but the different styles of doors available. The doors ranged in price from $5 to $25. They also had a section of French doors, sliding doors, screen doors, door knobs and windows.

This beautiful claw foot bathtub, including faucet was $700. It was in beyond amazing.

I fell in love with this vanity. We put something very similar in one of our bathrooms. This one was only $110.

I think pedestal sinks have a very clean and classic look and for $30 how can you pass that up?

They even had toilets. Most were $25.

There were kitchen cabinets that ranged from full sets to individuals cabinets. While I was there, someone bought a full set of cabinets for $700. This was my favorite.

There was also a lighting section. Some fixtures may have seemed a little dated but with all the DIYers and spectacular before and afters, I am sure even a dated fixture has potential to be spectacular.

Some other things they had, that I didn't think to take pictures of, are furniture {sofas, dining room tables and chairs, entertainment centers, desks}, appliances {again, some new and some gently used}, tools, boxes of tile, tubes of chaulk for a $1, cans of paint ranging from $2-$10 and stain.

Even though, I have no projects on the immediate horizon, I still left making a purchase. I bought an unused gallon of Martha Stewart's primer and sealer for $10.

It didn't take long for me to find a purpose and put it to use {but that will have to wait for another post}!

Hopefully you can find a ReStore near you. You never know what you might stumble across and all the proceeds go right back to Habitat for Humanity. That's a win-win in my book.

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