Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Martha Stewart Slip Up

I'd like to think Martha Stewart and I are close personal friends, after all, she does send me emails on a daily basis. Ok, I admit, she never really asks me anything about myself in the emails she mainly only shares tips of the day.

One of the most recent tips, Martha's No-Slip area rugs, sparked my interest.

The key phrase I took out of this helpful organizational tip of the day was no slip. Brilliant.

All my floors are hardwood so slipping rugs are definitely something I am interested in preventing. I currently have rug grippers from Home Depot BUT after having been used for a few years, they are starting to look beat up...not that anyone actually looks at them but me, considering they are under the carpet.

Some of Martha's projects, I know better than to tackle BUT this one seemed easy and I actually had the supplies on hand to try it. The instructions, flip the rug over and apply lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. When completely dried, turn the rug back over and the rubbery strips will hold it in place.

So confident that it would work, I threw out my rug grippers as I patiently waited for the caulk to dry. When my carpet seemed ready, I proudly flipped over my carpet, happy to be rid of the carpet gripper. I then took my first step onto the carpet and this is what happened...

I took a not so magical carpet ride. I slid across the floor on my 'no-slip' carpet. I'll try not to let this tarnish my friendship with Martha.

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