Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Put a pin in it - No Sew Striped Curtains

Admittedly, no sew striped curtain tutorials are nearly everywhere you look.

I first fell in love the notion of no sew striped curtains, thanks to The Yellow Cape Cod.  Then and there I pinned it and, shortly after, I made another pin a reality.

I couldn't wait to make my own no sew striped curtains BUT I had relatively new burgundy curtains and I couldn't justify investing a lot of money in replacing them.

So, I used what I had and transformed them instead. 

Fortunately, the burgundy curtains were lined with a white, I just turned them around.

Using my impressive work space, my floor, I laid my curtain down and tried to figure out how many stripes were needed, what size stripe worked best and how much space was required between each stripe.

With my stripes cut and uniform, I grabbed some Heat n Bond {ultra hold}. This is what allows you to create custom curtains without sewing.

I ironed a 1/4 of an inch hem to both sides of my stripes.  This folds over the raw cut edges, so when the stripes are ironed into place, the edges mimic what a sewn hem would look like..

On top of the folded over 1/4 inch hem, iron on the Heat n Bond {Heat n Bond will be applied to both the top and the bottom of each stripe}.

Once the Heat n Bond is ironed on, simply peel off the paper backing of the Heat n Bond.

Based on the measurements you determined for placement, flip the striped piece over and place onto the curtain.  The adhesive side of the stripe facing the curtain.

Run the hot iron over the top and bottom of each stripe.  The heat from the iron will fuse the adhesive left behind by the Heat n Bond on the stripes onto the curtain. 

Another pin has become a reality.  And, now, I can go spend a few hours on pinterest, a little less guilty, and convince myself that I am not just finding great ideas but trying them too :)

*If you noticed, I still have the bottom right stripe to finish.  I ran out of Heat n Bond.  In efforts to maintain full disclosure, I ran out of Heat n Bond months ago.  My curtains have been hanging nearly finished ever since.

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  1. No-sew, you say? Now you're speaking my language!
    (I also love your disclaimer at the bottom ;)

  2. I need this tutorial. I have had curtains with a fabric to make a stripe at bottom for three months. Thanks so much for sharing and allowing me to avoid the sewing machine once again.

  3. clever idea! great way to reusing what you have

  4. First of all... your "new" curtains look fabulous!! I love the black and white look; it actually brightened up the space! Second.. a big LOL on the unfinished striped!! That is so something I would do and have done!! :P For me it's just pure laziness and wanting to just be done..hehe.

  5. your curtains turned out great! and we actually use the same adhesive :) that adhesive i used for my no-sew pillow that I have not made post yet :( and will also use in my no-sew curtains like yours...


  6. how ingenious! i luv it - and tbh i wouldnt have noticed the stripe not done if you hadnt pointed it out, lol! and i luv that you've had them hanging for a while not finished - makes me feel so much better about the two swatches of fabric still hanging on my curtain rod trying to choose which fabric (never mind the fact i found a completely different fabric for said curtains that i've had purchased for approx 5 months). when new people come over i just say i'm trying to choose curtains but with y'all i can be real, LOL!

  7. LOVELY! I really like your stripes. And I never noticed that you hadn't finished one till you mentioned it! Several years ago I repainted my sewing room. When I was all finished I noticed about a 12 inch section of woodwork around one window that didn't get painted! I kept thinking I would haul the paint back out and paint it but I never did! We totally redid the room just a couple years ago so it's all good now!

  8. Love, love, love them! What a great way to bust some stash and save some cash!
    You are brilliant!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  9. Love the colors, but love your honesty, and therefore humor, more :) LOVE when pins come to reality! My kitchen table refinish is a pin...aaaaaaalmost...a reality too!

  10. Love your curtains Amy!! I have to make some striped ones now!!! They look great!

  11. HAHAHA! Love it. They turned out great.......finished or not.

  12. Those are amazing! How clever of you to use the lining side ... though, I'm not all that surprised what with you being so very clever and all!



  13. These turned out amazingly! How awesome that you could flip the red curtains around and attach the stripes to the back! :)

  14. ooohhh! i love the stripes. i have never used the no-sew strips. i will have to give it a try! beautiful job Amy, as always!! :)

  15. You had me at "no sew!" how these turned out and the stripes give you a bit of a modern vibe.

  16. At first glance, it's quite unbelievable that this is a no-sew curtain. It actually looks like you bought it from a high-end store. Hehe. Your burgundy curtain is pretty too. Well, you can never have too many curtains! :)

    -Roxie Tenner


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