Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vintage Flower Frog

I have become obsessed with vintage flower frogs, thanks to Danavee at The Vintage Grove.  I've been scouring flea markets hoping to find one of my own. 

I wanted one of the really old flower frogs with the sharp, pointy tines.  

Most flower frogs are round and I would have been quite content with a round one.  Of course, when I came across this unusual shaped pewter flower frog at a flea market, my obsession turned to contentment as I paid the $6 price tag and made it my own.

And, just like Danavee, I am using mine, in my kitchen, to display a recipe.  A recipe handwritten by my grandma.  I love having something handwritten by my grandma proudly displayed...inspiring me.

 It's the perfect addition to my kitchen.

Flower frogs.  They aren't just for flowers anymore :)

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  1. I love your display! I had never even heard of a flower frog before. Off to google it now :)

  2. How sweet.. Love that you found just what you were looking for and displayed your Grandma's recipe..
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  3. I've always wondered what these things were!! I've seen them but didn't know they were calle flower! See we learn something new everyday! I love how you used it to display a recipe. :)

  4. I am giggling! Love your staged area. Love the last line! HA! Basically, I just love YOU! Thanks for the shout out!

  5. Hi, Amy! You need to meet my friend Kim, who write the blog County Line Road. She has collected flower frogs for years. In fact she has collected zillions of things for years. We should go on a field trip to Hinsdale to see her house. You will love it! I will set it up if you are interested!

  6. I love flower frogs too! I have an oval one and a couple round ones but I would gladly trade for yours! That shape is perfection! LOVE it - great find!

  7. Are you making that eclair cake recipe now? 'Cause if you are, you should share. :)

  8. Never heard of those before! What a great idea to use it in your kitchen. It looks great with your other fun items. Megan

  9. I love using them for current birthday cards, pretty pictures, post cards, recipes, portraits... and sometimes for bouquets. Haven't seen one like yours so thanks for sharing.

  10. also a collector. this type known as a pin frig. love them all!


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