Thursday, May 23, 2013

Magical Birthdays (repost)

This repost has nothing to do with my creativity or party planning skills, this one is all Mr. While Wearing Heels :)

I may or may not had mentioned to my husband that my birthday, which was December 12th, needed to be magical.  It was a once in a lifetime kind of birthday, after all, 12-12-12.  I was partially joking AND I originally had no intention of doing a 'birthday' post BUT...

Magically {and blog worthy} is exactly what he delivered.

Throughout the day, I stumbled upon groupings, hidden around our house, that contained 12 items and a funny note.

12 gold coins.

12 Barbies.

12 pink paper clips.

12 pink lizards.

12 rubber ducks.

12 erasers.

12 ninjas.

And 12 tiaras with a note that read:  Your Prince shall come (at 12:12 today) to take you to the ball.

My prince did arrive at 12:12 to take me to the ball...aka Grace's winter ballet recital.

And, in every sense of the word, my birthday truly did feel magical.

And, this man, I am certain is happy that once in a lifetime birthdays truly do only come once in a lifetime. 

Though, 12-12-13 sounds kind of magical too.  Don't you agree?

*Don't forget to come back on Friday and share your favorite party posts! 


  1. Mr WWH, really does know how to make a birthday special! What a memorable day!

  2. You really have an awesome (and creative hubby). So glad you reposted this. I somehow missed this post the first time around.

    1. Thanks so much Erin. I do think I'll keep him around :)

  3. The thought that he put into this is incredible- what a sweet man!

  4. How sweet! What great ideas. I would keep him if I were you.

  5. Love it! You have a keeper there my friend! I think all birthdays should be celebrated big...after all, they all only come around once! :)

  6. Oh my goodness your husband is awesome! Love his creativity but what surprised me the most was how legible his handwriting is. I would never be able to read any of the notes if my hubby had written them. This is such a cute idea. I've told you before, but you have way too much creativity for one family.

  7. Awwww, how sweet! Even erasers in the fridge. How very sweet!!!!! And see, he *does* love ninjas :). I agree, 12-12-12 was a day to be celebrated!!!!

  8. Whoaaa... that's incredible! How thoughtful and sweet and well-planned that was!

    What a sweetheart you've snagged, Amy!

    December birthdays are always tough - with the whole looming Christmas thing and all. It's so nice that he makes it so special for you. :)

  9. I remember this was amazing! You're prince did a great job and set the bar pretty high for all of the princes out there!

  10. Let the man sleep, he dun good.


  11. this is one of my alltime favorites! glad you brought this one back for a repost. enjoy your weekend;)

  12. He's a keeper! So creative! You had to be smiling all day!

  13. WOW! I was away during March and missed this post. AH-MAZING!!! Your hubs did an incredible job. So thoughtful, sweet, and complimentary! He called you beautiful countless times! What a blessing and a birthday to remember always!

    1. Yes, you were doing important things in May :). Thank you so much for your sweet comment.


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