Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sammy The Strongman

This post is dedicated to my very talented sister because it takes a village to throw a circus party.

If you think I have talent, you should see my sister. I may be able to create just about anything out of felt but when it comes to pen to paper talents, those all went to my sister.

I had mentioned, in passing, how I wanted to do fun photo cut out props for Grace's party.  Within minutes, my sister sent me this drawing.

And Sammy the Strongman was born. She projected him onto a board, drew him out, painted and weather proofed him.

The 'village' required to throw this circus party even extended to my brother in law.  He performed the face removal.  Apparently, they are more successful at crafting together than my husband and I are.

She'd send me updated pictures of her progress and with each one, I grew more in awe of her talent and impressed with her creation.

But, even with a sneak peek, I was still AMAZED at what an incredible job she did.  No detail was spared including the handlebar mustache.

And, if Sammy the Strongman weren't enough. She also made Madame G, a fortune teller...but you'll have to check out my Circus Party recap to get a peek at her.

So what do you think?


  1. OMG!!!! A-mazing! So cute! I absolutely love it!

  2. How awesome is it for you to have such a fabulous and talented sister and brother in law who live so close by and who can just hop on to it and make such a fabulous party prop!

    I'm guessing they don't kids yet ...



  3. Amazing! Clearly talent runs in the family. I'm *so* coming to next year's party. (P.S. I'd love to know how long this party took to plan & execute from start to finish :)

  4. This is amazing. Your sister is a genius, I wish I could have used her for my son's graduation party! Great job.

  5. Your sister and brother in law are very talented. What a fantastic addition to your daughter's party!

  6. What FUN! That is talent...little jealous over here!

  7. Oh wow, this is so cool!!! Whatever you thought of the party itself, Grace (and your whole family) will love to look at those pics later and remember. It is gorgeous!

  8. hmmm...i'm thinkin' you and your sister need to team up and start an event planning company!

  9. That is just spectacular! They did an amazing job! : ) That mustache is killing me, how funny!

  10. Great job! I love it...

    new follower from http://pjgraves51.blogspot.com and http://sewmuchclass.blogspot.com

  11. :) sisters are the best kind of friends to have! this detail for the party is super!

  12. SUCH an awesome idea!!! I will have to try a variation of this for our big party. Pinning this!! :)

  13. So your whole family rocks with talent:D With everything that was done for this party, without a doubt it was the talk of the neighborhood!

  14. This is so cool, and it's brilliant to just project an image onto a board so you don't have to draw it out super giant-sized in the first place! I'm loving seeing all the bits and pieces of the circus party, it all looks so great. Thanks for sharing it all at The Fun In Functional!


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