Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thank You

Today, I'll be writing out thank you cards for the never ending circus party

My thank you note to all of you would read something like this:

To all the sweet and encouraging people that read While Wearing Heels, every day I feel like I am having a Cinderella, this is too good to be true moment.  With each new follower and each wonderful comments I get, I still feel as if I need to pinch myself to make sure this too good to be true moment is for real.  I am incredibly humbled but mostly flattered that you take the time to read my blog and show your support.

AND, a BIG thank you to the many amazing blogs that are out there.  Because of you I have found a creative outlet that had otherwise gone untapped. The blogs I follow inspire me, challenge me and give me hope. As a result I felt like a more confident and capable mom, wife and creative person.   Thank you for welcoming another blogger into your folds and making me feel like part of your family.

Thanks a ton,



  1. Pfffft!! You are so amazing and as you already know, make my morning on a regular basis! You deserve every follow, comment and feature you get girl! You inspire us!

  2. Well it's only because you and your blog rock! You keep us coming back for more:) Is that picture the actual image you are using for your Thank You card? If so, it's just too cute! Wouldn't expect anything less!

  3. And thank you for being such an amazing person and blog friend and supporter! And I was going to thank you for being so fun and funny and creative and for writing some of the best blog posts out there. I never, ever skim you, my friend!



    And I email Jenn Rizzo about the getting together with IL bloggers and it may happen on July 21 in the AM ... or it may need to wait till September ...

  4. Those are so cool! Thanks for being a great blogger friend!! Megan

  5. Right back atcha!

    (And I love the cards!)

    :) Elena

  6. You are gonna make me tear up you sweet lady!!!! That was so wonderful... I have to tell you Amy, it's truly MY pleasure to know you and hopefully get to know you even better... I am amazed at your talent and admire you as a Mother, Wife, Blogger and friend. I do indeed think of you as my friend... and my world is better for it...
    Tell your Mom I said Thank You to her too...for she has a daughter to be adored!
    God Bless You Darlin!!!

  7. What a great post Amy! I just wrote a post for Friday about creative passions...were your ears tingling??? Your a doll and your blog is FABulous!

  8. Your blog is great and your writing style fun to read! And the fact that we connected as friends instead of just bloggers passing through makes it even better! I hope we meet IRL sometime - want to go to a blogger convention??

  9. Hihi, thank you lovely Amy! it is all your fault that i keep coming back here, so send a thank-you card to yourself!!!


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