Thursday, June 26, 2014

Plant Stand Turned Farmers Market

A few weeks before Grace's garden themed birthday party, I spotted an abandoned plant stand on the side of the road.

As I skidded to a stop, I noticed a man {at the home where the abandoned plant stand lay neglected and lonely}.  Bolder than I normally would be, I asked him if he was really giving such a treasure away.

Not only did he nod his head in agreement BUT he then offered to load it into my car.

There, at home, it proudly sat.  It waited for the mister to come home and welcome it into our collection of useful things.  I waited for the mister to come home and praise my resourcefulness.

Both the plant stand and I were disappointed in the mister's reaction.  He actually said, um...I don't understand what you plan on doing with it.

IT!  He called this planters stand 'it'.

Is that what I said when he rescued this tree stump from a lake and needed to bring it home with us?

Is that what I say when I go to load groceries into the back of the car and I find these hidden beneath a blanket?

Does he not remember what happened when I came home with this $3.99 chair from Goodwill?

That plant stand was going to serve a higher purpose.

That plant stand was being invited to a little girl's garden party...

Instead of holding blossoming flowers, this plant stand was filled with garden fresh {felt} fruits and vegetables.

That plant stand transformed into a farmer's market.

A farmer's market ready for 14 little girls to use their imaginations and create memories with.

In the end, the mister realized that he was wrong.  That plant stand served a purpose, it made 14 little girls happy and 1 big girl happy {happy to be right again!}.

*All felt fruit and vegetable patterns can be found right here!


  1. That plant stand is AMAZING! FOR FREE?!?! LOVE!

  2. Thank goodness he came to his senses.

  3. What a great find and it looks amazing as a farmers market for the girls to play with. Great vision and so glad he realized the error of his thinking!

  4. Ha love this! Such a creative use for the plant stand, I can see why it made the little girls, (and big one), happy :). I came home with a bag of driftwood from the beach the other day and hubs asked 'what's with all the sticks?' Wait til he sees what I have planned! xx

  5. Wonderful find! It went perfectly with your garden party. I love that your husband enjoys rescuing items like you.

  6. What a cute idea. I LOVE all your felt food.

    1. Thanks Erin! I'm just glad the felt food is still being used.

  7. LOL, "did he just call the stand "it"?!?!" Great way to set-up play for Grace's birthday party! I'm sure you'll find other uses!!

  8. Lol why do I feel that Jules and Mr WWH would trade "thrift war" stories about the treasures brought into the house. That was a brilliant find what are you going to use it for now?

  9. That's awesome that you got it for free! And I know what it's like to get a reaction from your hubby like that! I get that a lot!

  10. That is an awesome and a job well done on the rescue!! It was the perfect addition to a sweet little garden party. :D

  11. LOL ~ that is so cute.
    Great idea and it is so fun to pick things up dumped out as trash and turn them into treasure.

  12. Great DIY! Congrats!!!!


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