Thursday, June 5, 2014

Superhero Capes

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall.

Sometimes, that rain must fall when you've promised a super fun outdoor play date. 


Fortunately, I have superhero powers.  My powers happen to be battling rainy day boredom.  My superhero gadgets include a sewing machine, fabric, felt and glue.


Bored little girl, turned super girl.


The world is now safer with 2 new super girls, ready to use their super imaginations and fight crime.

As I sewed the capes at the speed of lightening...

adding rosettes along the back collar...

each super girl worked on the emblem for their capes.

Super Grace.

Super powers include but are not limited to; the ability to sense if any of her hundreds of stuffed animals have made it into the donation pile, the ability to turn a clean room into a messy room in the blink of an eye, the ability to melt my heart with her spontaneous declarations of love.

Her Kryptinote, getting her hair brushed...resulting in complete immobility and, often times, fits of crying.

With a sink full of dishes, I wish my super powers included the ability to get the dishes cleaned without lifting a finger.

But wait...I just remembered, I do have super powers of persuasion.

Without lifting a finger, I've convinced my handsome husband to do the dishes. 

I'd say, despite the rain, this has been a super day.


  1. How cute, I love they got to embellish their logo. I might bother you for the measurements Madeleine would love this. I'd also love super housework powers, maybe Dave is your Alfred lol, maybe don't repeat that to him ;)

  2. I want a superhero cape too! What a wonderful and adorable idea! :)

  3. My boys would love this! Especially making their own emblem! I love all of Grace's super powers, LOL. I wonder what Riley's super powers are?

    1. Hope, this was SO easy. It's basically an apron turn backwards.

      Hmm. Riley's superhero powers. The ability to snatch a roll of toilet paper in a blink of an eye. Lightening fast food snatching skills. And, of course, a super bark. That dog!

  4. Those capes are totally adorable Amy! Super cute! Maybe that's what I need to help me get my garden clean up done. Or I might have to borrow your super hero power. lol.

  5. I love her tough pose at the end!! Cute that they got to be involved as well. And LOL on your powers of persuasion. My power is scheduling/assigning so I don't feel back kicking up my feet when it ain't my turn to clean up :).

  6. LOL - I do not care to do dishes either. And that is one job I really wish I had powers for. :-)

    I love your idea for the capes. And Graces did a great job with the photo shoot, she is so much fun.

  7. Adorable!! And convincing your husband to do the dishes is definitely a super power. :)

  8. Super adorable and super job! ;)

    1. Thanks Maysem. It kept the girls entertained and used up some of my mounting piles of fabric. If only I could make 197 more capes, I might see the light at the end of the fabric mound tunnel :)

  9. You are the cutest.

    That is all.


  10. Thanks Amy! She took her superhero title very seriously.

  11. You are the best mom! My kids get bored on a rainy day I tell them, go use your imagination, kids! Love the roses on the back! You rock.

  12. Ha! These are so cute! Jacob only lets me be the pink power ranger. Maybe I'll surprise him with my own cape one of these days!


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