Thursday, December 18, 2014

Craft Mash-Up

Sometimes, when crafting, you come across the Brangelina of crafts; two crafts from different blogs that seem destined to be made and used together.

Last year, we were obsessed with Inspired by Charm's Colorful DIY Forest.

This year, we couldn't wait to make Parents' Clothespin Skiers.  As soon as they were done, those little skiers couldn't wait to hit the slopes.

Their destination, a mountain covered with whimsical, colorful trees.


I'm not sure what the blogger equivalent to Brangelina would be for this craft mash-up.  Maybe something like 'Inspired by Parents' or 'Parent Inspired Charm'.  Not quite as catchy as Brangelina but I think a much better mash-up.

The best part of this Brangelina craft?  Kids can easily decorate both of them.

Who am I kidding?  The best part of this craft mash-up, how beautifully both Inspired by Charm's Colorful Trees go with Parents' Clothespin Skiers.


  1. Love the trees! So glad you are back writing! Merry Christmas!

  2. Those are adorable Amy and definitely made for each other! How fun and Grace looks pretty serious with her painting. Have you guys ever been skiing?

  3. Awww love your colorful and whimsical forest!

  4. Super cute project and scenery!! I hope it's displayed somewhere for everyone to see. :)

  5. Too cute!!! I love the colors you used. Perfect!

    1. Thanks so much Bethany. The colors were all carefully selected by Grace :)

  6. Adorable idea, I love the colours it's just so pretty.

  7. So cute and you used the prettiest colors. I am thinking my girls definitely need to make this with their mommy. Or, really, their mommy needs to make it and will force her kids to help.

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