Thursday, October 20, 2011

Owl Accessories

Whoooo doesn't love owls these days? They are rapidly becoming a favorite in our house.

Since we are obviously accessorizing with owls, I decided why not make some owl barrettes.

First, dig through your button jar to find some owl eyes. I found some flower shaped buttons, I think they gave my owl a day of the dead feel.

Then dig through your felt and start cutting out the pieces of owl.

Below is the template I used.

You can either hand sew or glue most of the pieces on to your owl. The buttons, however, will need to be sewn on. I prefer to sew down my pieces.

I only sewed through one piece of owl body. My grandma once said the back should always look as good as the front. She would not approve of my back.

I'd hope she'd approve of my front. I embroidered some w shapes on the wings of my owl, to give it a feather effect.

I like to add a second piece of felt, to hide the messy stitches on the back of my owl. I attach it by hand sewing around the body of the owl. I like to leave part of the bottom'll see why in a second.

Attach a barrette to the back with a few stitches.

And there you have it, an owl barrette.

When you feel like changing things up, turn your barrette into a...pencil topper.

A dual purpose owl..

that's wise!


  1. I just bought that owl hat at Target a few weeks back on clearance for Wynn next winter. That is if she will actually wear it. I saw this post beneath the party posted I was just at. :) Megan

  2. I'm in love with these xXx

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