Friday, October 7, 2011

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

In efforts to inspire you to check out your local flea market or thrift store, or encourage you to keep going back, I wanted to share some of what I found in the past 30 days.

My flea market finds from the past 30 days.

At the exact same moment in time, my husband and I both caught sight of this large wooden airplane propeller. It was one of those love at first sight moments. Not having to negotiate to hard, we were able to purchase this propeller for $20. It now sits on top of a collection of travel books I picked up from Goodwill.

You may notice a trend, we also bought a silver model airplane for $10. I love that the propeller and wheels spin.

Our collection of letterpress block letters is rapidly growing. My eye is always drawn to booths that sell them. The countless booths I've seen letterpress letters, I have never seen a roller before. I asked the owner of the booth how much for the roller. When she responded $9 for the bowl, all the letters and the roller, I couldn't believe it. I've paid $5 for one letter before and this bowl was filled with letters and a few numbers.

So for $9, I didn't feel bad getting rid of the bowl and using a round glass vase I already had.

Where I am always drawn to letters, my husband likes to look at the old tools. When he gets sucked into an old tool booth, I usually roam BUT when he found this vintage folding ruler and negotiated $8 for it, I had to agree it was kind of cool. It helps that I recently saw these rulers used as wall decorations on the Land of Nod's blog.

I have been actively looking for wooden Scrabble tiles. I have seen so many cool projects using Scrabble tiles BUT it seems like everyone else has as well because I never find the wooden version...until recently. I guess you only need to find it once, right? This was another time, when I asked how much for the tiles and I was told I could have the tiles and the bottle for $11, I could not walk away or negotiate on the price.

Moving on to my Goodwill Finds from the past 30 days.

Though not the wooden tiles I was looking for, when I saw this travel Scrabble apple for .49 cents, I decided to get it for Grace. It was too cute to pass up. If you haven't noticed, I heart fake food so Scrabble in apple form spoke to me.

One of my favorite memories, from my childhood, was packing a picnic, sitting courtside with my sister, watching my parents play tennis. Selfishly, when I saw this picnic basket for $1.99, I wanted Grace to have it, hoping she could use it and create her own happy memories.

I've already taken Grace on a picnic, putting our *er, I mean her* new basket to use.

For .99 cents each, $3 total, I knew these flower hooks were too good to pass up. Two of the hooks were from Land of Nod and are still currently for sale in the store for $12.95 a piece.

Not a favorite of my husband's BUT what I am sure would have the potential to wow Nate Berkus, I found a few lamps. I am sure with the right shades, they will be amazing.

I got this lamp for $3.99.

And these 2 lamps were $2.99 each, $6 total.

You never know what treasures you'll find or what memories they'll stir up. Happy Shopping!

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