Friday, April 20, 2012

Pillow Talk

Even though my week has admittedly not been cushy, all of my projects have been.

I finally got around to whipping up a few new pillows {I used my unusual piping technique to make them}. I made the two blue pillows. I've had the fabric since February SO now I can finally check that off my to do list.

For my birthday I got a state throw pillow from Red Envelope. I am usually a DIYer for projects like this but the quality and design were absolutely flawless from Red Envelope {and they were half off at the time}. Not to disappoint, I did add a DIY touch, I embroidered a heart to mark our fair city.

What happened to the freezer stencil pillows that had been on this sofa before? Well, I moved them to the bedroom. Can you guess what side of the bed is mine :)

Riley didn't seem to care that I switched out the pillows. Apparently, these are just as comfortable.

And, in preparation for my meeting with the children's boutique, I have been whipping up tooth fairy pillows.

The teeth came marching in two by two, hurrah, hurrah.

This tooth has a cavity aka seam that still needs to be closed.

Cushy projects or not, I am glad to wrap up this week and enjoy the weekend.

Let the pillow fight commence:


  1. Those tooth pillow are adorable!! I love the shot with your dog among the pillows...that would totally be something my dogs would be doing. :) Megan

  2. You are so talented... I love the blue fabric on those pillows... it's awesome... Have a wonderful weekend.. sounds like you deserve it...


  3. Thank you so much Carri! You always leave the sweetest feedback.

  4. Just stopping by from the UBP - I LOVE those doggie tooth fairy pillows - they are adorable! I am enjoying checking out your blog and will be back.

  5. I love your new pillows! Those tooth fairy pillows are so cute, look at the puppies, adorable!!

  6. The blue pillows are so nice! Your dog looks adorable sleeping between them!

  7. I too love the blue pillows. I can't believe what a great pop of color can do to liven up a sofa. I also love the bedroom pillows. Wishing you luck with the Tooth Fairy pillows, they are wonderful. Thanks for such a fun visit!

  8. Beautiful the fabric Amy!! And oh so love that little heart on the IL pillow:D I want one too now! I have to say I love your bed cover/duvet and so pretty! And I think your monogram pillows are actually perfect for the and cute idea which I'll have to steal one day;) Good luck with the tooth pillows!

  9. Those are so great! I used to sew (clothing) but with 2 kids I just don't have the time anymore. There are some pants that I have been wanting to make for a long time. Maybe I can finally get to them soon...


  10. Thanks Amy! I am impressed you sew clothes. I haven't attempted that..yet :)

  11. Oh, I just love talking with your pillows! So great. And that tooth fairy is adorable! Hope the children's boutique meeting went well. You'll need to let me know when it's stocked with your amazing creations so that I can swing by and check it out!

    So happy to see you here at Pillowpalooza!



  12. I love that state pillow and your little extra that you added makes it even cuter. Red Envelope will be knocking on your door :)

    Thanks for linking up to Pillow Palooza!


  13. I love the blur fabric on those pillows! And what a clever idea with the freezer paper stencil. I really have to give freezer paper a try!! I am throw pillow-obsessed!! :)

  14. These are such cute ideas, Amy! I love all of your pillows. :) Megan

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