Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Priscilla from Thrifty Crafty Girl, who keeps me not only inspired but laughing with each of her posts, awarded me {yes, me!} the Versatile Blogger Award. Don't worry, I'll try not to let it go to my head.

I humbly accept this award, wearing my finest of dresses and my prettiest of heels {what else would you expect me to wear?}.

Here are the RULES for the Versatile Blogger Award-
1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below)
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 10 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 10 by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I've officially added the award to my blog. It's over there some place ---->

2. Thanks Priscilla! Blogging can sometimes be discouraging SO to be considered, by you, a blogger to keep your eye on, is incredibly flattering.  Let me know where to send the thank you cupcakes :)

3. Seven random things about me. Let's see.
  1. Very few people in my life know that I have a blog.  So I guess I am a secret blogger.  No one would suspect I am 'While Wearing Heels' in my ordinary life. 
  2. People tell me I look like Tina Fey and not in the new Garnier commercial sort of a way, where her hair is fabulous and she looks all glamorous.  I suspect it's because I am always wearing my glasses.
  3. I have a tattoo.  A completely impulsive decision I made in college.  I selected a goldfish, which I opted to have done in blues and greens.  His name is Bob.  I would love it if Bob swam away but for now, I am stuck with him.
  4. I haven't pumped gas in over 3 years.  I am not even sure I would know what side of my car the gas tank is on.  My husband has happily taken over this responsibility for me.
  5. Hiccups really make me really unhappy.  Something about them overtaking my body and me not being able to control them really annoys me.  
  6. I have a terrible sense of direction.  I am like having the anti-GPS system, no matter which direction I think is the right way to go, it ALWAYS turns out to be wrong.  I have even gotten lost driving one town over. 
  7. I secretly believe, if I entered a food eating contest, I could totally win. 
4.  List the rule.  Those are up above some place.

5. Share this honor with other bloggers, I'd love to.  And the award goes to....

Heather at Setting For Four. Heather's doing her best to make Pottery Barn style accessible for those of us that can't see paying Pottery Barn prices. I wouldn't be surprised if one day I look forward to seeing the Setting for Four catalog more than the Pottery Barn catalog. Until her catalog comes out, go over there and check out some of her great ideas.

Connie at Hot Flash N Crafting. Connie also goes by the alias aka Grammy Bear BUT you would not suspect this lively lady is a grandma. With a blog title like Hot Flash N Crafting, she obviously doesn't take life too seriously. Go see how Connie 'crafts outside the lines'.

Maysem at Ode To Inspiration. Maysem seriously does it all. She makes these amazingly decorated cakes and cupcakes and now has decide to focus on other creative things like sewing and decorating. So much talent in one person, I wish she could share a little bit of it with me. Head over to her blog to be inspired.

Hope at Hopeful One. Hope blogs from the heart. You can tell, she carefully chooses each word that goes into her blog. She has recently started a 'Does that really work' post, where she tests some of her Pintrest pins. Have any pins you are curious if they work or not...head over to her blog and see for yourself.

Jessica at Stay at Home-ista. Jessica does it all. Just when I thought she should change her name to Spray Paint Queen, I find out she has a knack for decorating as well. She has the most amazing kitchen I have ever seen. You have to go and check it out.

Carolyn My Simple MESSterpiece. Though Carolyn's blog is called My Simple MESSterpiece, her projects and decorating transformations ironically do not resemble a 'MESS' in any way. She has great taste and flawless execution. She is a new blogger so go over there and give her a little love.

Kimberly at A Night Owl. Kimberly is another thrifty girl, though by looking at her, you would never know. She has impeccable taste that she showcases in each of her posts and tutorials. She also introduced me to Instagrams and now I am hooked. When you head over to her blog, be prepared to want to follow her.

Rebekah at Tailor Made. Rebekah is another new blogger. She does a little bit of everything {photography, decorating, packing}. I suspect, we'll eventually come to think of her as the Queen of Crochet, though.  She just issued a fun photography challenge, head over there and check it out.   

Carri at Simply Done Wright. Carri is a jack of all trades, she does it all and does it all well {even when she claims something is flawed}.  She has a great sense of humor, which shines through in each of her posts.  She is so close to reaching her goal of 50 followers...head over there and be that one person that helps her achieve that. 

Mary at Sweetwater Style. Mary is making me believe even I can have a green thumb. Not only does she have some inspiring gardening posts, she is also a lover of thrifting {and since she doesn't live close enough to be of any competition at my Goodwill, I love that about her}, and she has a variety of easy to follow tutorials and decorating tips that mostly involve using things you already have. Go see for yourself!

6. Now, I am off to go and share The Versatile Blogger Award with these very talented bloggers.


  1. Amy! Thank you so much for the award! I am blushing so bad right now! I feel so special! lol. You are so sweet. I will pass on the award to other amazing bloggers!

  2. Thanks for sending this award my way, you are amazing! I'm sure people in your real life would love your blog. To me it sounds like your authentic voice, but then again, we are only blog friends, not real-life friends:)

    I haven't pumped gas in ages either. Love those husbands!


  3. Thanks Amy for passing the torch!! You are such a sweetie to think of me!! I loved reading your '7 random things about me'!!! Congrats to YOU for receiving it as well!!! I have really loved getting to know you better over the past few months....Keep rocking your blog! Heather @

  4. Thanks Amy for thinking of me! You have really my day... a sour day turned sweet! Thanks bunches:D I enjoyed learning a little bit more about you... next time I'm thrift shopping, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for a Tina Fey look alike:P I think that's awesome that your husband puts gas in your car... I'm going to have to share that one with my hubby..hehe. I'm lucky if I can just get him to take it in for an oil change... I really hate going to those places!

  5. Wow! Amy, thank you for the award and the kind write-up. I am truly honored that you would think of me. You just made my week! I will share the love with some of my favorite bloggers first thing tomorrow.

    {my simple messterpiece}

  6. That's so sweet what you wrote. I feel honored. Thanks so much.


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