Thursday, May 24, 2012

Out of a cocoon came a social butterfly

Grace took her first drop off class, a simply 3 class. Your typical craft, stories, songs, playing kind of a class, filled with other 3 year olds.

During her first class, I left her there, she was looking around at all the kids running around and playing and she nervously pulled her pants up her armpits. I walked out of her class and sat in the parking lot for the entire class. I didn't think she would ever enjoy her class.

Thanks to her AMAZING teachers, Grace blossomed, right before my eyes into a social...

So, it seemed only fitting, on the last day of class, we give these amazing teachers a butterfly to remind them of Grace.  I attached a note that read:  Thank you for helping me come out of my cocoon and blossom into a social butterfly.

A big thanks to all the amazing teachers out there may you all feel appreciated every day!


  1. This is beautiful! What a great gift for Grace's teacher, and how nice that she injoyed her time in the class. it is gonna happen more and more now, your baby being happy without you...
    but on the other hand it is so nice when they choose to share things with you :-)
    lots of love

  2. Amy- what a cute idea.
    Nicki and I gave you a little something. You can check it out here

  3. That is the cutest and most thoughtful gift ever! What makes it really special is that it's personal. I'm sure her teacher loved it! And I know if that was me, I would have teared:) I'm sharing it on my FB page... which will automatically tweet it too! Get on Twitter Amy!! ;)

    1. Maysem! Thanks for the tweet and sharing it on facebook. You are so sweet! It's either twitter or Etsy...I can't handle all this change at once :)

  4. Honest to goodness she is just too cute. I'm sure her teachers appreciated your thoughtfulness.

  5. What a beautiful gift! I just love the note you put with each. How fantastic!

  6. What an absolutely beautiful idea! Can I file this under "I wish I would have thought of that"? You are such a great mom!


  7. Other than motherhood, I think teaching has to be one of the most difficult jobs there is. As a former teacher, I know this will be adored. This is such a beautiful idea.

  8. You are such an amazing Mom, Amy! I am sure Grace's teachers will really love such a heartfelt gift! It's so sweet to hear that Grace is spreading her 'social' wings - its a process isn't it? Funny you mentioned you sat in your car through the first class, sounds similar to when I hid behind a tree the first day my sons went to Junior Kindergarden, to make sure they got off the bus safely and into the school! I love the stained glass butterfly! Heather :)

  9. As another former teacher, this will definitely be treasured! By the way, your daughter is too cute for words!!!


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