Friday, June 8, 2012

The Big Top

One of my visions for our circus party is a big top tent.  A fort of sorts, for the kids to play in.  I was thinking a teepee draped with red and white fabric.

This task I left to my handsome husband.  Who insisted it was just as easy to make an actual big top tent than make a teepee.

Oh really, I said, as I sat and watched.

Look at how annoyed he looks.   I can only assume it's because, at this point in time, I was saying something like, yeah, that looks so much easier than a teepee.

He was, surprisingly, able to get the tent to this point, however unorthodox an approach he took.

Everything was starting to come together, even the structure for the domed top.

Then came the request, I knew was inevitable, the whole reason I wanted to do a simple teepee.  He asked me to sew a cover for this domed circus tent top.

Do I sew...sure.

Can I make a draped and fitted domed circus tent

In my head, I am trying to figure out how to customize a domed top.  Mind you, during this time, we also realized we ran out of red and white fabric so I was left to improvise with an old bed sheet.

I was growing more frustrated {measuring, cutting, remeasuring, re-cutting}, when my handsome husband says to me, if you can make a pillow you can make a fitted domed circus tent topper.

Are you kidding me?  If I can make a pillow, I can make a 4 sided, customized fitted domed circus tent topper.  REALLY.
So many things were running through my mind.  Things like, our wedding vows included for richer or poor, in sickness and in health BUT not a domed circus tent topper. 

In the end, our marriage survived.  I'm curious to hear, if you think the domed circus tent topper did as well?

Yeah, another cliffhanger, I know :)

You can find out if we were successful here.


  1. Oh no! I've been there with the hubs before. I'm sure it came out fabulous.

  2. HAHAHA Men!!! Can't wait to see the topper...


  3. Oh too funny! I can't wait to find out....

  4. LOL!!!! Just love this post!! "If you can make a pillow..." HA!! I cannot wait to see what you came up with - which I am sure is awesome!!

  5. Been there familiar hate to admit it but he often has really good ideas.. mmm could a bottom/fitted sheet work in this plan..just a pic in my mind. Hang in there..share the fun with us!

    1. Thanks so much Jonell. If I survive the party tomorrow, I'll be sure to share every detail :)

  6. I'm sure it came out great! I'm excited to see the finished product!

  7. I'm putting all my money on yes!

  8. HAHAHA!! Men! I love how frustrated he looks in the picture of him trying to put it together. Im sure you can make the dome top though. Your so talented!

  9. You guys are so cute! I am sure that you were able to do the tent topper and rock it to boot.

  10. I say that, yes, you were able to make a topper. I love that he implied it was a simple as making a pillow. Men... can't live with them... can't live with them. :)

  11. I am so happy to hear that you both survived the tent challenge of 2012 :) You are so funny and thanks for making me laugh today!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


  12. LOL! Those hubby's think we are magicians and can pop out anything;) In your case, I think you can and I bet you did pull off that topper! Looking forward to seeing the end result:D

  13. Now that is a challenge I would enjoy! That's my kind of sewing - having to create something:) And yes I wanna know how it turned out! PLEASE??

  14. I am so laughing at the for better or worse and in sickness and in health but not a dome circus tent top line ... oh, and that wedding pic is the best ever, ever ...

    Can't wait to see what you came up with.



    And tell your husband WHAT? I mean WHAT? How in the world could making a pillow be the same as making a dome circus tent top .... crazy man ...

  15. LOL, I wish I knew how a pillow and a dome circus tent top was! ;-)

  16. YES!! You are the best! You can do it. Megan

  17. The tent is really coming together! Aren't men hilarious???? I am sure if anyone could make a domed tent topper you could - but that seems way to mathy for me and probably involves some pythagorean theorems and laws of physics...ick! Grace is going to have a great party! And congrats - saw you featured all over bloggy land last week! Heather :)

  18. I just love your posts! how wonderful and how typical...
    reminds me of that sign: miracles will be done in ten minutes, impossibilities may take slightly longer.
    at least he contributes :-)
    how was the party?

  19. spouses and crafts do not mix in my house! LOL...we've weathered a lot together...but leave me in peace when it comes to my crafts!

  20. I'm a little out of order, but I'm loving your circus party! You go girl with the sewing machine! I'm new to sewing and THAT is amazing!


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