Thursday, June 7, 2012

Balloon Animals

I feel like balloon animals are vital for any circus themed birthday party.  Have I mentioned we are throwing a circus themed 4th birthday party :).

Anyways, I could have hired a professional to make balloon animals for the kids BUT  I am, admittedly cheap, so I took it as my personal mission to master this craft.

I headed to the party supply store and bought some special balloon animal balloons {the really long skinny balloons} and tried to blow them up...

Ok, that was a fail. I quickly realized, the pump they recommend isn't a suggestion based on convenience, it's a suggestion based on necessity.

So, if you too want to become a balloon animal making master, you'll need the following supplies:

And this handy instructional guide from

 My first try was a success.  Hurray!  A pretty pink puppy was born. 

Cockiness got in the way because my 2nd and 3rd attempt did not go so well.  By attempt 4, the pink puppy found true love...aren't they sweet?

In the end, I feel accomplished and proud {and as long as no one asks for a giraffe balloon animal, I'm good}.

I just might have to carry these supplies with me, at all times, there's no telling when they might come in handy.


  1. My sister's ex boyfriend who is still a close family friend is known around our town as the "balloon kid" and is hired all the time for parties. B has fallen in love with him and has demanded him for our party. Luckily, he said he wouldnt charge us anything, otherwise Id be out a pretty penny.

  2. The picture of you attempting to blow up a balloon is priceless. Your post made me smile! You are so funny!

  3. LOL! You are awesome!! You can now add balloon animals maker pro on your resume;) I'm horrible at making animal balloons... I think I'll just hire you for parties:D

  4. crack me up. Look at those amazing animals you made. I can't even blow up a balloon to be just a plain balloon. Megan


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