Wednesday, July 11, 2012

100 Year Old House - Grace's Room

In our modest sized house, Grace's bedroom is one of the more sizable rooms.

So, her room is a place where she sleeps.

Where she lounges and reads her books, sometimes by the light of her bug flashlight.

Where she cuddles up under her large collection of quilts, made with love by the Queen of Quilts, my mom.

And also where Grace plays.

We spend lots of time preparing meals in Grace's kitchen.  Thank goodness we don't calorie count here because doughnuts and butter are among her favorite things to prepare.

And, of course, should she run out of anything, she can always go to the market,

conveniently located just south of her bed.

And, let's not forget, she also has a new dollhouse to play with {that tour coming very soon}.

Some of my favorite things in Grace's room, besides for her quilts,

a plush crescent moon.  The first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant. 

And these stain glassed butterflies that my father in-law made.

You'll also find some of the things I've made for her as well {her baby blanket turned monogrammed art, shadow puppets, and a Fiona Dalton bunny}.

Since I like to show how we have added to the history of our 100 year old house, this is what Grace's room looked like when we bought our house.  This room was decorated with street signs and also had one bright yellow accent wall. 

When we bought our house, we didn't have our Grace. As soon as we found out we were having a baby, we painted the room yellow. Added box moldings under a chair railing and painted that section white.

I hope our house is happy with the changes we made because this is one of my favorite rooms in our house.

But maybe that's because of who lives in this room...


  1. What a sweet room for a sweet girl! Those before pics are unreal - you guys have come a LONG way!

  2. She is gorgeous! So sweet and curious. That dollhouse came out amazing! Seriously, you put us all to shame with that house! I love her room. Her quilts add so much character too.

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  4. sweet little room!...I would never leave! And I love her quilt collection...your mom rocks!

  5. It appears as though craftiness runs in your genes! What gorgeous quilts and butterflies from your parents! And what a transformation of that room! I'm starting to loathe my rental home as I can't DIY any of it!!!

  6. Grace is super lucky to have such an amazing room!!! I love the look of the molding - beautiful!! Something I have always wanted to do...

    And I just cannot wait to see more on the dollhouse...all the hard work you {and hubby of course} put into that was totally worth it!!

  7. A dream bedroom for any little girl! Every single detail just perfection. Even as an adult, I can feel my child like imagination bursting.

  8. its beautiful! and such a great tool for inventive little minds!

  9. This is such a beautiful room! Peaceful and gorgeous and filled with love! Your shadow puppets are wonderful (am going to check them out just now :-) ), i also love the thingy with the looooong neck sitting on the radiator.
    And of course the dolls castle!
    lots of love

  10. That room is adorable! When I was a kid, my room had blue carpeting. Your child is infinitely better off than I was at her age. :)

  11. Her room looks GOR-geous! I just adore all of the sweet pink touches.. it looks so fun and functional! Great job!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  12. THIS is why I need a little girl. I have room envy. Although the boys room is adorable, its just lacking some pinks and yellows and prettiness. You did a divine job with her room! Also? Heading to check out those shadow puppets. They look amazing!

  13. love the box molding under the chairrail. what a perfect room for a sweet daughter! i can't wait to see the dollhouse tour! :)

    you've done an awesome job on your daughter's room Amy!

  14. Such a beautiful room for a beautiful little girl. I love the sentimental things that are in her room. Just lovely.


  15. Amy that is just lovely! I think my favorite it the moon you bought when you first knew! How sweet! Oh to be a little girl in that room! And she is one beautiful baby too!

  16. Coming to the USA from England, old houses are one of the things I miss most. That's why I made the back room of out frame house into a Victorian study, for hubby. Grace's room is a delight. I love the panelling under the dado rail and the cool ice-cream colours. I also love the things you found to put in it. That pink kitchen! And the crescent moon, what a wonderful face he has. You made a gorgeous room for a gorgeous child! Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you, also, for your wonderful support and sweet comments on my blog as I made my Miss White rabbit doll. Your support was very welcome and very encouraging.

  17. So many sweet crafty things for a sweet little girl! x

  18. She is such a cutie! I love her room. It's so bright and cheerful.

  19. I think the room looks wonderful. A new history is being created with Grace's memories:) You've created a fun and precious environment for her. I want a room like that! The next time I need groceries, maybe I'll do my shopping in Grace's part of town;)

  20. She is adorable and her room is great! can't wait to see that doll house closer!

  21. Awe ... sweet room ... sweet girl ... sweet post!

  22. that is a little girls dream bedroom, just beautifully done x


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