Monday, July 9, 2012

Pendant Garland Tutorial

Planning a party, decorating a room or need a prop for some cute pictures, why not make your own pendant garland.

Even if the thought of sewing something seems intimidating or out of reach for you, this is the perfect sewing project to test the waters with.  It's practically no fail.

Grab the following supplies:
Pinking Shears or Rotary Cutter {if you prefer a straight edge on your pendants use scissors}
Fabric {the amount will depend on how big you make your pendants}
Double Biased Tape
Sewing machine {don't be intimidated}

Using your pinking shears/rotary cutter or scissors, cut out your flags.  I used 7 white and red polka dot flags and 7 red and white polka dot flags {14 in total}

Open the biased tape and tuck the top of your flag in the middle of your biased tape.

Pin your flags into place.  Using a zig zag stitch, sew your flags down.

And, just like that, you are done.  Hang it up for decorations.

Or set it up for an interesting photo prop.

The possibilities are endless.  Find fabric that you like, dust off your sewing machine and give it a try.

*You could also do a no sew version.  Use Heat and Bond iron on adhesive for hems.  Put the hem adhesive inside the double biased tape, along with the flags, and iron it down.

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial! You know I hate sewing...but even I could do that! You didn't cut up that great dress to make that did you???;)

  2. That is really adorable! Even cuter is little Gracie standing under it! I have got to pick up a rotary cutter. Really nice job!

  3. Super cute Amy! Im going to have to try this one for my sons room.. I really love how simple it is! Hopefully I dont flub it up.. Im a horrible sewer :)

  4. LOVE it!! I need a rotary cutter to make those pretty edges:) Looks great!

  5. I'm intimidated. I think you're going to need to come to Cali and talk me through it!

  6. I'm scared. Conveniently I don't have a sewing machine but I just ordered some no-sew hem tape, so maybe I could use that?


  7. Super easy and cute! My Mom got me a 101 things to sew with 1 yard of fabric and it was all bias tape this and bias tape that and I was VERY confused. It doesn't look scary at all! Is it basically a trim?

  8. Love it!! Okay...I have the sewing machine and I don't know what I'm doing. Can you come visit and teach

  9. I love pendant garlands. They add a nice touch to about anything! If I have time, I just might make one for my nieces bday party this coming weekend:)

    Btw... Welcome back!!! You were greatly missed around blogland!!

  10. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I was shouting that! Amy- you are amazingly talented. And your daughter is so cute!!!


  11. How gorgeous! And your daughter looks so adorable!!! I also love the peak of your stoep (not sure if you have that word in the States, this is what we call the place your garland hangs from :-) ). Would also LOVE to see more pics of your home...
    hugs to you dear Amy, have a wonderful day!

  12. Too cute, I really should make some of these, its been on my to do list for ages.

  13. I really like the fabric you used for this. Very sweet :)

  14. Cute and a great tutorial! I've used the fun colored duct tape for the top piece to make a quick no-sew version too!

  15. Oh. my. goodness, girl! This is adorable! AH-DORABLE! And, I love the note at the end, "no sew version".... Your posts are always great! Thanks for the link, and hope that life is getting back to "normal" after the storm.

    Stringtown Home

    1. Heather, you leave the sweetest comments. Thank you so much!

  16. So very cute! I want one! It looks really great on your porch. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  17. So cute! That's a great and simple way to make a backdrop for photos, or really simple decorations for holidays or parties. Way cool :-) Thanks so much for linking up to The Fun In Functional!

  18. You know as far as I'm concerned you ARE SUPER MOM!!!! I am always amazed at the awesome things you do for your family.. you always go above and beyond being a mom and wife and instead you are a SUPER MOM and WIFE!!!!! You so "ROCK" Amy....

    Thanks so very much for sharing this at the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!!



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