Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rustic Love Coasters Tutorial

I love the idea of incorporating rustic natural touches in my home.  And when I am able to incorporate them into holiday decor, even better.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.  The theme of love and hearts really speaks to me.  Every year, I happily add a new heart creation to my Valentine's Day decorations.

This year, I decided to make some Rustic Love Coasters.

Want to make a few of your own? 

You'll need some wooden coasters, cut from logs.  Need a tutorial...I've got you covered.  Check out my Wood Coaster Tutorial.

You'll also need some chalkboard paint.

Draw a heart, in pencil, on your coaster.  And, yes, if you have a snowman pencil, even better.

Fill in your heart using chalkboard paint.

Allow the paint to fully dry.

Then, write in chalk 'love' or 'amore' or your initials + your love's initials.

 Use it as a coaster, paperweight or simple decoration

Regardless what you do with these rustic love coasters, I hope you LOVE them.

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  1. too cute! plus i like the fact you used the chalkboard paint so your message can be changed out whenever you like. these would also be sweet if you drilled a hole in each so you could hang them as a collection with different love notes...the possibilities are endless! x

  2. I love the combination of rustic and cute!! LOVE em!!

  3. So cute. They remind me of my beloved ornaments!

  4. how sweet! I luv that rose that accompanies it! I splurged the other day and bought me some pretty flowers that just brighten up my house.

  5. Amy they're gorgeous, what a beautiful idea.

  6. My boys are looking for a woodworking project. I think I know what I am going to have them make for me. :-)

  7. What a fun and easy project! Now I know what is wrong with my drawing skills...I don't have a snowman pencil!!

  8. So cute! I love everything you do Amy! I just don't get over here to tell you as often as I should!

  9. You and your cute wood crafts! Lucky you have a husband to help inspire you. My husband is a science nerd. I've decided he needs a new hobby so he's getting a metal detector for his birthday. hehe maybe I should get him a pile of wood.

  10. These are SO cute! You could dress these for any occasion! And what a neat personalized gift!

  11. Amy, another super easy project. Thanks!
    I never really got into Valentine's day...I don't know why. The boyfriend and I have a date this year, though...to see Jeff Dunham:) Looking forward to it.

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