Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ice Cold Hearts

The extreme cold weather continues.  Thanks to Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Grace and I busied ourselves making lovesicles. 

So, though I don't love the cold weather...I certainly do love making things with Grace, especially heart shaped things.

I'm not sure what Lucy used to color her heartcicles but I used food coloring mixed in water.

I let nature do her thing and freeze our heartcicles.

Once they were frozen, I quickly ran outside and decorated our yard with some love and heartcicles...

before my fingers froze, forcing me back inside.

When I did come back in, to warm up, I found someone had stolen my spot. 

I let her keep my spot...because, contrary to this post, I do not have an ice cold heart.

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  1. What a fun idea! :) Hope it starts to warm up soon. We just hit a record for January here in MD with the amount of days we've had in single digits. Not really a record I want to

  2. A fun way to spend the day! So nice of you to share your warm space!

  3. Great ideas especially for the kiddies! So cute!!

  4. What a fun project! I've never seen this before, but I approve. :)

  5. Great idea. How fun would that be to find Valentine's morning. :) BTW your puppy is too cute.

    1. Thanks Erin!

      Yes, having the hearts waiting on Valentine's would be a fun surprise.

  6. Oh how absolutely cute. And super simple, yayyy! I'm thinking I might actually be able to do this one:)
    I think I would have kicked my doggie out of my spot...shows how much sweeter you are than me:)

  7. that is so cool!! I've always wanted to make those colored ice balls. but alas we don't have the weather here. like these:

  8. I want to see snow, I want to make pretty stained hearts and look at them from the window. I just don't like being cold...or come to think of it hot

  9. Love this idea! How fun to decorate the yard with love. :-)

  10. It's a good thing Riley (the dog) looks so sweet because she is as naughty as they come. Her sweetness makes it easier to forgive. I have a feeling if I used kool aid to make snow art, the dog would have an ice cold snack :)

  11. Well I sure wish I had done this when I lived in Montana! How fun! Riley is a gem and a pretty smart girl!

  12. Such a crafter at heart, even did one in the freezing cold! I love them though. What a nice surprise for people to see when they walk by your house. I bet it puts smiles on their faces and makes their day that much better. I know it'd pick me up!! And what a nice warm seat to come back to. What a cutie! Great pic!

  13. I LOVE THAT spot stealer! That face!!!! I have two spot stealers. They've perfected the art.

  14. Cutest puppy! I would have let her stay too.


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