Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Passport to Paris

When you can't take the little girl to Paris, you bring Paris to the little girl.  Of course, when it's her 9th birthday, you invite along 13 of her friends.

Thanks to Hello Little Home, I was able to make each guest a personalized passport including their very own picture.  I'm fairly certain, moms expect random requests from me, as May approaches because they all quickly sent me an electronic copy of their daughter's school picture without even asking why.  Happy Little Home has an easy to follow tutorial including free printables so you can make your own passport.  It truly takes a village to plan a one of a kind party :)

14 passports later...

Our customs agent was able to welcome all her friends to Paris.

Passports stamped allowing guest to enjoy a first class Paris party.

Grab your passport and join me in Paris via While Wearing Heels the next few days as I continue to reveal party details.
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