Thursday, February 16, 2012

We have an addition to our family.

We welcomed home a bouncing baby betta fish. Sex to be determined. Apparently you aren't able to decipher the sex of a baby betta until he or she grows to be a big betta. Like most of the animal kingdom, if our fishy turns out to be male, he will be stunning {big fins, great color}, if our fishy turns out to be female, she'll be plain and drab. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what this little fishy grows up to look like.

This little fishy is Grace's and she couldn't be more thrilled. Our hope is that she learns some responsibility in caring for her new pet.

She has named him/her Kermit and then changed it to Baby and proudly proclaimed that she is the fish's mommy.

Riley is skeptical of the newest addition to our family. She might even think this is a fancy new water bowl {I tease, no worries our fish is safe and sound}.

I think our little fishy is also happy to be part of our family. Love is definitely in the air. I suspect a romance is blossoming.

Grace loves her new fish so much, I caught her trying to walk around with the fish bowl cradled in her arms. I found her, just as the water was beginning to slosh out of the bowl. I saved the bowl and the fish before complete disaster struck. Grace is still trying to grasp the concept that fish are only to be looked at.

If only we had a pet that Grace could cuddle with...

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