Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillows

One of the things I treasure from my childhood is a tooth fairy pillow my mom lovingly made for me. Losing a tooth is a big deal. Having a special pillow paying tribute to this milestone makes it even more special.

So, even though Grace was not {and still is not} ready for a tooth fairy pillow, I knew I wanted to make one for her when the time came. When I came across one of the sweetest tooth fairy pillows made by Fiona Dalton, it inspired me to try and make one of my own.

My second attempt at a tooth fairy pillow was for my nephew. Arg. I went with a pirate theme. I am not even sure now, how I decided on pirate. Maybe it was because I had a bandana on hand? Maybe it was because I wanted to embroider a skull and cross bones? Regardless, it was the one and only pirate I made.

By then, I was hooked. I was inspired to create even more 'tooth' themed pillows. This was around the time Grace was really into Super Why, hence the inspiration for Super Tooth - Plaque fighting hero by day, tooth fairy pillow by night.

Then I ended up making a tooth pillow for a friend's son, who is a HUGE dog lover. It seemed only fitting it should be in honor of the canine tooth {otherwise known as the cuspid tooth or fang tooth}. And that was the birth of the Canine Tooth {clever, right}.

I am {or try to be} modest about my crafts SO when someone commissioned me to make a pink canine tooth, I couldn't believe it {this was the first craft I was paid to make!}. Not sure what a pink tooth says about dental hygiene but still cute, right?

Much like the rest of my crafts {see my Crafter ADD post from yesterday}, even though I had about a dozen 'teeth' cut out ready to turn into pillows, I lost steam for this project until recently. I am now back on the tooth fairy pillow bandwagon. Now to come up with some fresh teeth. Maybe Wisdom tooth?



  1. Oh my goodness...that is such a cute idea!!! How fun. Thank you for sharing.
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    1. Karah thank you SO much for leaving such sweet feedback. I am glad you liked my teeth :)

  2. Replies
    1. Stevie, thanks for popping over and leaving feedback. I have been smitten with your stuff over at Garden Therapy lately so I am flattered to get some feedback from you!

  3. These tooth fairy pillows are adorable. I want the Super Hero Tooth! I'm sure that will help encourage them to take care of their teeth and battle cavities and tooth decay. Up, up and away! Here I come, kids! Haha!

    Suzanne Steven

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne. I love your super tooth motto, I might have to steal that one :)


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