Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Clay Ornaments

After my sappy 'Happy Valentine's Day' post from earlier, I decided to round thing up on a creative note with one final Valentine's day craft.

A friend sent me a link to Marie Grace Designs, specifically her clay ornament recipe. The recipe called for staples I already had in my pantry so I decided to try it out.

I grabbed my heart shaped cookie cutters {they certainly have gotten a lot of use lately - cookies, bird seed feeders}, my typewriter stamp set and I got busy creating.

The best part, when you are done creating you can just set it aside and forget about it while it sets up {I feel like Ron Popeil doing an infomercial for clay ornaments, just set it and forget it}.

They dry a bright white and have the delicate look of porcelain.

I've always been a fan of salt dough ornaments but now that I have tried this clay ornament recipe I am now a convert. Make sure you head over to Marie Grace Designs to get the recipe and have fun creating some ornaments of your own.

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  1. i love the hearts!! is there any chance u can send me the recipe as the link no longer works??!!! thanks loads!!


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