Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How To Teach Children To Draw Stars

I have an easy, fool proof way to teach children to draw stars. 

Grab some paper and something to write with.

Start by having your child write a capital A.

When completing the middle of the A, have your child extend the line through the A on both sides.

Starting at either the left or right side of the extended line, draw a line to the bottom of the opposite leg.

Draw a line from the remaining end of the extended line to the bottom of the opposite leg.

As easy as that, a star made and...

Before you know it, you'll have a sheet full of stars.

And, it all started with an A.


  1. That little girl has some serious fine motor skills (not to mention an awesome instructor!) Nice job, mom :)

  2. What a clever way to teach how to draw a star. I would have never thought of starting with an A! Probably because I start out with a V which would be a complicated route to teach a kid.

  3. That's a pretty great trick!! I'm going to have my babies try this out!

  4. Haha. This is a very timely post. I was just trying to teach my 6 yr old to draw a star this past weekend. We made it through, but this way would have been so much easier and less frustrating for both of us. Great post.

    1. If you learn any cool tricks to save me frustration be sure to share!

  5. Great trick! Think I could teach the dogs?

  6. Thanks Amy! I now have stars covering everything :)

  7. I must practise this with Madeleine, since her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle she will think she is very clever!

  8. Oh that's so clever. And great idea to post about it too:)

  9. Leave it to you to find a better way to teach a kid to draw a star! I learned (and taught) by drawing the continuous line much harder. You are one clever and awesome mom!

  10. Super cool! I will try that with Lila today! (She can draw As... though Lucy seems light years away from that, I'm sure she'll be trying to scribble her letters soon, too!)

  11. how cool is this amy! i'm so trying this with my kids later♥

    thanks for sharing, huggies♥

  12. Amy! This is SO smart! I cant wait to try it with Ryley later today! Thats for the easy tutorial!


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