Friday, September 27, 2013

This is Me.

The optional self portrait theme for September was sharing your story, what is going on in your life, through a self portrait.

For any of you following me on Facebook, you'll know that my *story* involves an adorable but mischievous dog, Riley.

Last night, she was sprayed by a skunk for the second time in her life.

So, I sit here, later than usual, writing this post because I am the kind of blogger that often waits until the last minute to write posts...and I am the type of person that has a dog that attracts skunks and I am the type of person that is convinced I now smell like skunk because 'THIS IS ME'  (covered in a hydrogen peroxide, baking soda paste, after a skunky wet dog has just given a good shake - sigh).

So, come out from behind the camera and show me who YOU are. 

While Wearing Heels


  1. I took that picture last weekend just to share with you today. I'm sorry I have been such a bad photographer through all these challenges. I'm glad I was able to link up today.

  2. Oh no! Your poor legs! Your poor dog! Our babysitter's dog was sprayed a couple of times within a year and she was beside herself. I hope your concoction works... xo

  3. Oh my gosh Amy! That must have been terrible!!! So glad I had something to link up this month, but it seems somehow I managed to link up twice. When I tried to link up the first time I got an error message, but looks like it went through OK anyway. Can you delete one of them? I hope the skunk smells goes away. I know it can be pretty potent.

  4. Right now you are making me glad I have cats and not a dog! My daughter has a skunk that lives in her barn and doesn't try to spray her. I think it is because she leaves him eggs every night. Start sending your dog out with a basket of eggs! lol

  5. Arghhh! There is never a good time for a dog to be skunked! Yuk!

  6. Mo says he loves Riley all the more. Cow stuff and skunk don't bother him in the least.

  7. I feel your pain. Monty rolled in poop for the second time this week and shook said poop all over my bathroom before I could get it all off him. My walls, my hair, my towels, everything. Why do we have dogs?


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